10 Common CrossFit Injuries

10 Common CrossFit Injuries

CrossFit is a strength program used to exercise and strengthen the body in numerous ways. The exercise is meant to demand more from the different muscles of the body. A massage feels good after a CrossFit. However, it only lasts a few hours until hurting as a result of the CrossFit exercise kicks back. CrossFit injuries often occur especially to people that have been unsuccessful in preparing their body for the intense exercises. Below is a list of common CrossFit injuries courtesy of Bellaire ER.

Lower Back Pain

It usually occurs as a result of overloading the lumbar spine when doing deadlifts and squats. Continued overload on the lumbar spine often results in excessive lordosis which may cause problems to the body. Preventing such injuries is vital thus ensure that the upper back and the pelvic alignment does not stray far from the neutral. In case the pin is to much lay off specific lower back exercises for a while.

Anterior Knee Pain

Front knee pain is often as a result of patella femoral joint dysfunction. Muscle imbalance around the thigh may contribute to the knee pains. An early sign is when one is unable to maintain their knee alignment in a lunge or single leg work. Weakness in the glutes or a fault at the pelvis is usually the cause. A single leg sit-back squat will help strengthen your glutes and pelvis.

Anterior Shoulder Impingement

Reduced ability to maintain the shoulder joint in the correct position is often the case of impingement of the rotator cuff tendon. Doing some pectoral stretching and flexibility drills is useful in releasing any building tension as a result of using too much of the thoracic and pectoral muscles as a result of the humeral head shearing forward. Extension exercises and thoracic mobility help prevent rounding of the shoulders.

Painful Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not only limited to the many lobbers at the country club. It is as a result of repetitive exercises. CrossFit often involves repetitive movements throughout the training. If you experience elbow pain, the only thing you can do is to stop whatever you are doing for some time until the pain goes away. Try stretches aimed at the extensor muscles after the pain has gone away.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

If mostly work on a computer chances are that you will suffer from this type of injury. It occurs as a result of the repetitive motion of the wrist, thumb or hand. After several hours of kettle and barbell lifting the thumb may get inflamed. Rest is the way out in case of such thumb and wrist pains. Hand braces immobilizing the thumb may help in speeding up the healing process.

Achilles Tendonitis

A burn in the legs often comes up after continuous high box jumps. It is advisable to stop the exercise as soon as the burn turns into pain especially in the Achilles tendon. Sportsperson used to various jumping sports can quickly identify the strain. Proper stretching will help in treating the Achilles tendonitis. Do not continue with the CrossFit training with this pain as it will only make the injury worse.

Pain in Your Calves

Calf pain can result in painful legs, hips and back as the body tries to overcompensate. The calves get tight as you continue to work them through regular exercises. To rectify the calves and reduce the pain just wrap a floss band around your calf and move the leg in several different ways. As a result, the muscles will be well massaged. Patience is all that is needed while you nurse your sore calves.


It remains as one of the most severe CrossFit injuries. The condition occurs as a result of continuous muscle strain while training. It may result in the release of myoglobin into the bloodstream that may lead to the damage to other body organs as well as a breakdown of the muscle tissue. Get immediate medical attention in case of symptoms such as joint pains, seizures, inflammation and severe fatigue.

Ruptured Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids swell especially when to much pressure is subjected to the lower rectum. If your CrossFit exercises are too severe to the point that the body applies to much pressure on the lower rectum, then you might be in for a season of discomfort. The enlargement of the hemorrhoids is painful and may at time result in bleeding in case you do not stop the CrossFit exercises. Avoid straining while you do your activities.

Hand Rips

Blisters or hand rips are very common among many Cross Fitters. The training is no doubt hardcore with numerous stunts involved. Continuous use of your hands even after getting blisters results in having very sore and painful hands. Let your hands heal to avoid getting infections due to the open wounds.
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