10 Differences: Urgent Care vs. Hospital

10 Differences: Urgent Care vs. Hospital

Urgent care facilities are becoming quite popular following hot on the heels of emergency rooms such as bellaireer. The main reason for this is that hospitals are not able to cope with all cases presented to them in good time. However, urgent care centers may be a bit confusing for some people. Here are some of the main differences between them.


One of the biggest differences between a hospital visit and an urgent care visit is the cost. Most critical care facilities charge far less than what you would expect to pay at a hospital. Even without insurance, the cost of a visit to an urgent care center is usually less when compared to the out-of-pocket cost of a hospital visit. For relatively minor issues, a hospital visit should be the first option.


At hospitals, patients are usually attended after triage. As a result, if you have an issue such as a sprained ankle, you may be pushed to the end of the queue. The result is that you may be in writhing in pain for hours before anyone has time to attend to your needs. At an urgent care facility, such crowding is not there. Any discomfort you have will be attended to as soon as possible.


Another significant difference between hospitals and urgent care is that hospitals are usually entirely inaccessible because of distance. However, a critical care center could be located right in your neighborhood. As they continue to increase in number, access to health services will only become easier.


If you have something such as a laceration on the hand, an urgent care center should be your first choice. However, hospitals are better equipped and staffed to deal with serious issues. For instance, if you require a surgical procedure done, the best place to have it done would be at a hospital. Urgent care centers may not have the equipment to carry out complex procedures.


One of the most significant differences between a hospital and an urgent care center is congestion. At some hospitals, the queues could be almost a hundred people long. In most urgent care centers, queues are short, which reduces wait times to just about 20 minutes. If you hate being in crowded spaces, the urgent care center is the right choice for you.

Great doctors

If you visit a hospital emergency room, most of the doctors are overworked and have a short fuse. Thus, they usually do not have time to empathize with the patients. It can be a bit traumatizing, especially if it is a kid being treated. If possible, you should always look for an urgent care center where they can be treated with peace of mind.

Doctor’s Advice

At an urgent care center, you will likely receive extra advice when you go for a visit. Hospital, if you visit the emergency center attached to the hospital, you may not get this advice. The doctors are just in too much of a rush to attend to all cases with personal opinion. In some cases, you may not receive information that could help you avoid similar incidents in future. Whenever possible, you should always choose an urgent care center for this purpose.

First come first serve basis

At an urgent care, patients are served according to how they get to the facility. That means you will not have to wait for long periods. The reason for this is that urgent care facilities will refer the most severe cases to the ER. Thus, if you just needed a quick would wrap on your way to work, going to the urgent care center would be your best bet. You know you will be attended to and still attended the fundamental duty to which you were assigned.

Simplified Bills

It is common to hear of people claim that the hospital overcharged them on their hospital visit. Sometimes, they may include services which you are sure were never given to you. However, this is not the case with urgent care centers. Since they do not operate 24/7, they have more time to get their documents in order. It is thus likely that you will receive a simple bill, which is relatively easy for you to understand.

Great Facilities

Most urgent care facilities use the latest equipment out there. The main reason for this is that urgent care facilities are still entirely new. It is unlike hospitals, which may have been around for decades. Consequently, the equipment they use may be quite outdated in some cases. It includes aspects such as the software used at urgent care centers compared to that used at hospitals.


The piece above gives the difference between urgent care centers and hospitals; however, this short list should prove quite useful in helping you to make your choice. In most cases, if you have a relatively minor issue, going to an urgent care center will be the best choice.