10 Great Websites for Emergency Room Nurses

10 Great Websites for Emergency Room Nurses

Not every nurse is cut out to work in the emergency room. Those that follow their dreams and decide to work in emergency rooms such as https://bellaireer.com/ will need a unique set of skills. They must always be quick in treating multiple patients and deal with life-threatening situations.

The list below contains websites that will prove valuable to emergency room nurses. These sites have useful facts and knowledge that can help the nurses to deal with any case in the ER and are also informative, allowing nurses learn about the latest developments in ER medicine. This will in turn help nurses offer ER patients the best level of care.

The nurses in the ER deal with patients who have suffered cardiac arrest or are in a critical condition. This list of websites can help nurses relate to others in this line of work. It can also provide them with networking solutions for their careers. There exist many certification opportunities for nurses in the ER, which they can learn by following some of these websites.

American Heart Association
The American Heart Association runs this site. It is a non-profit organization in the US, which promotes cardiac care to reduce deaths resulting from cardiovascular complications. The organization was formed in 1924 in NYC as an association to prevent and provide relief for heart disease. The health agency runs on a volunteer basis and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

American Nurse Today
This website is the official journal of the American Nurse Association. It hails itself as a voice for nurses in the US. The magazine can reach over 175,000 nurses in various specialties throughout the health system. If you are a nurse who needs a timely and trusted source of information, this is where to find it. ANA also uses the journal to advance the interests of nurses besides dissemination information on modern practices in patient care.

This website continually provides information that can benefit the general public and health professionals. It also offers continuing education for healthcare professionals. The site references medical news, medical journals, and drug information. All content offered here is free, but users need to register.

The purpose of this site is to disseminate information on injury prevention practices and care for trauma victims. This website offers its content free to anyone around the world who would wish to find information relating to the field of trauma. There exists a forum here for trauma care providers from around the globe. It aims to be a repository for sources of information, educational data, and original articles related to care for trauma patients.

National Guideline Clearinghouse
This is a government-run database, which compiles best practices that are evidence-based. Maintenance is under public resources under the US Department of Health and Human Services. The website aims to offer nurses and other health professionals a mechanism for accessing detailed information on medical practice guidelines. Updates are on a weekly basis with the guidelines being revised per week as needed.

Nurse.com – Emergency Room
This site is a trusted source of credible information by nurses globally. For over three decades, the site has disseminated timely information to its readers. The site also provides learners with course and content that they require for personal growth. Also, the federal government approves all the educational materials offered and a team of experts committed to providing you with the best in healthcare run this site.

This is a site created by nurses to cater to nurses. It is the premier destination online for those who need access to nursing journals and resources for continuing education. The site hosts over 70 nursing journals. It has committed itself to offer nurses, current, evidence-based resources to help them in their work.

For those who are in need of firsthand accounts of the emergency room, this is a great blog, despite the fact that the site is no longer updated. The old posts on this site are still great to read and learn more about your career as an ER nurse.

ER Jedi
A resident physician who works in the ER updates this blog. It is a great resource for those would like to read firsthand accounts of how things work in the ER. You will also find useful information on how to deal with various situations as they arise in the ER.

A doctor who formally worked for the military runs the blog. He writes about current issues in the ER and his experiences in the army. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on emergency medicine, you will find it here.