10 Life-Saving Facts Every Woman Needs to Know about Heart Attacks

10 Life-Saving Facts Every Woman Needs to Know about Heart Attacks

Although heart attacks don’t discriminate between gender, there are some scary facts and figures about heart attacks and women that should make you stop and take notice. One of them, as revealed in discussions over at bellaireer.com, is that women are three times more likely to die of a serious heart attack as compared to men. This just goes to show just how deadly heart attacks are as far as women are concerned, which is why this article will look to highlight 10 life-saving facts that every woman needs to know about heart attacks.

Women don’t always experience crushing chest pain when having a heart attack

This is perhaps the most important lifesaving fact for women as far as heart attacks are concerned, as per the gurus over at bellaireer.com. It is important to note that, as a woman, you may not always experience chest pain when having a heart attack, as seen on TV. You are likely to experience other subtle symptoms such as extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, indigestion, nausea, pain in the back, neck or jaw, dizziness, among others. Due to the lack of crushing chest pain, women usually take longer to call for 911 when experiencing a heart attack, increasing their risk of suffering serious outcomes.

Heart attacks are the silent killers in women

Due to the fact the heart attacks are usually subtler in women than in men as mentioned above, it means that many women may be having a heart attack and not even be aware. As discussed over at bellaireer.com, stats show that only 40% of women having a heart attack thought they were. The majority of women are likely to assume that their symptoms are a sign of indigestion, acid reflux, the flu, and so forth, even though they could be having a heart attack. This is why it is important to always be vigilant, and never take your symptoms likely if you suspect you are having a heart attack.

Heart attacks are one of the leading killers of women in the U.S.

Although heart attacks are usually associated with men, a lifesaving fact worth knowing is that they are just as deadly for women. As covered over at bellaireer.com, a woman will die of a heart attack every minute. On top of that, heart attacks, as it stands, kill more women than all the forms of cancer combine. This is why it is important to take heart attacks seriously, know the symptoms as well as knowing your risk so that you can make changes in your lifestyle to have it reduced.

Stress affects women more than men

We may have all heard that stress is one of the risk factors as far as heart attacks are concerned and that it increases the chances of one suffering a heart attack. One thing you may not have heard however is that stress affects women’s hearts more than it does for men. As a woman, you are therefore more likely to experience a heart attack as a result of stress, which is something you should be aware of. Make sure you are keeping your stress levels in check through things like meditation, working out, or even seeing a therapist if you must.

Women’s hearts are smaller

Another important fact that every woman needs to know about heart attacks is as concerns their hearts. You may not be aware of this, but women’s hearts are smaller in size than those of men, by as much as two-thirds as reveled in discussions over at bellaireer.com. This means that women have a faster heart rate and smaller arteries that can easily be clogged and blocked up by plaque leading to heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues.

Pregnancy can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack

As a woman, it is also important to know the impact pregnancy has on your heart. As per discussions on the same over at bellaireer.com, if you develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, then it will put a lot of stress and strain on your heart and can increase the risk of suffering from a heart attack. This is why it is important that you are constantly monitoring your blood pressure and that you keep it under control when pregnant.

Women tend to develop heart issues late in life, but with a more serious impact

Another important and lifesaving fact you, as a woman, should know about heart attacks is the fact that statistically men tend to have heart-related issues such as heart attacks 10 years earlier than women. This means that they will usually have heart attacks earlier and are therefore more likely to recover. On the other hand, women will likely experience heart attacks and other heart issues later on in life, with a worse impact because they occur later on in life as discussed over at bellaireer.com.

Menopause can increase your risk of heart attack

Another important fact worth noting is the fact that, as covered over at bellaireer.com, menopause leads to lower levels of estrogen and as such increases the risk of heart issues such as heart attacks. High levels of estrogen, which women have during their childbearing years, lower LDL cholesterol levels while raising HDL cholesterol. Therefore, after menopause, as your estrogen levels go down, your LDL cholesterol levels will go up and your HDL will go down, leading to an increased risk of suffering a heart attack.

Diabetes increases your risk of heart attack significantly

Another lifesaving fact that, as a woman, you should be aware of is the fact that diabetes increases your risk of heart attack even 6-fold. As per the gurus over at bellaireer.com, if you have diabetes, not only are you more likely to develop heart disease, you are also more at risk of suffering a heart attack. This is why women with diabetes are advised to make sure they manage their condition properly.

Women can experience “widow-maker” heart attacks too

Another shocking fact, but one that is important to know is that “widow-maker” heart attacks are not only a man’s issue as women too can suffer the condition. A “widow-maker” heart attack occurs when the left descending artery, which serves one side of the heart’s main pumping chamber, is blocked and it is called the “widow-maker” due to its extremely low survival rates. You must know that women can experience this type of heart attack too.

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