10 Reasons to Consider Freestanding Emergency Rooms

10 Reasons to Consider Freestanding Emergency Rooms

They are many benefits when it comes to visiting freestanding emergency rooms. Despite the fact that they are not attached to any hospitals their popularity is still on the rise. Freestanding ERs have been providing people with the urgent care they need. Below are ten reasons to consider visiting freestanding emergency rooms when in need courtesy of Bellaire ER.

24/7 Access to Emergency Care

Most of the freestanding ERs have extended their operation hours to twenty-four hours in a day. The good thing about this center is that they are conveniently located near towns for easy access to emergency care. It means access to all the relevant emergency personnel ranging from technicians to all types of specialists and physicians. You do not have to stay overnight you can be discharged as soon as it is necessary.

Quality Care That Matches Hospitals

Many of the freestanding ERs have state of the art medical equipment thus have the capability to offer services equivalent to hospitals. It is for this reason that many of the stroke and heart attack patients never hesitate to visit Freestanding emergency rooms. If you find yourself in a road accident, do not delay in seeking help from Freestanding ERs.

No Wait, Faster Service

You do not want to spend the entire day waiting in a hospital ER. Many of the Hospital ERs have a minimum of two hours waiting time a period in which you as the patient are likely to get exposed to other diseases. At the Freestanding ER, you get faster services as there are no long queues. Therefore, the quality of your health is less likely to be compromised. Freestanding ERs have shorter waiting times as compared to traditional hospitals.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms are not Expensive

Traditional hospitals and Freestanding ERs often offer the same rates. Let us assume they were expensive then what is the price of acting in time to save a life with proper and timely diagnosis followed by right treatment to quickly resolve your condition. Why pay the same amount of money to the traditional hospital ERs yet you receive delayed services due to the long queue of patients.

Germ-Free Zone

Many at times the hospital ERs are often overcrowded with patients. The long waiting hours make it even harder for the hospital staff to properly clean these facilities due to the increase in the number of patients. At most of the Freestanding ERs, you do not have to wait for numerous other patients. The waiting areas are well cleaned leaving most of the facility free of germs and ready for the next patient.

Ready to Serve Personnel

Most of the freestanding personnel are often well relaxed since they are not overworked. It explains the increased quality of service they offer since despite the fact that every other doctor gets the same training hospital doctors are often tired. The personnel are all well equipped and enjoy their free time. Therefore, they are ready to work and serve their patients as soon as they report to work.

Freestanding ERs Engage Qualified and Experienced Personnel

A fact is most of the Freestanding ERs employ physicians with an average of fifteen years of experience as advertised on most of their job offers. It apparently means that you will not be seen by a physician’s assistant but rather the principal physician. Therefore, whether your condition is very severe or mild, it will get the right attention it deserves from an experienced doctor.

Offer an Alternative to Hospitalization

The main aim of Freestanding ERs is not to admit a patient instead to give them the emergency care they need therefore patients do not have to incur any more cost. Many of the emergency care patients do not require hospital admissions all they need is just primary care. An excellent example of patients that may not require hospital admission are the pneumonia patients who need emergency care in the period they are in danger but after the period is up admission is not necessary.

Available Medication

Most of the medication necessary to ensure that your medical emergency is well handled. The medicine often used are available at most of the Freestanding ERs this explains why they can easily handle stroke and heart attack cases with ease. A fact is most of the Freestanding facilities are meant to take care of heart attack patients and car accidents victims. Therefore, they must be medically upright before approval to operate is given to them.

Better Equipped

Most of the Freestanding ERs were set up in the new technology age. Therefore, most of the equipment is state of the art. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the traditional hospital ERs where most of the technology gets overused. False positives lab results often occur in general hospital ERs unlike in the new setup Freestanding ERs.