10 Things to Know About Donating Blood

Without blood donations, millions of lives would be lost every year. The only reason why some people are still alive today, is because another human being, relative or stranger, was kind enough to donate some of their blood to help save a life. The importance of blood donation can therefore not be stressed enough!

Having noted the importance of blood donation, it is unfortunate to also report that there is a plethora of myths and conceptions which are associated with blood donation. These baseless myths are misconceptions are part of the reason why most blood banks are almost empty and patients have to plead for blood every single day.

Here at Bellaire emergency room, we understand how important blood donation is to any society and are therefore providing information and facts on blood donation to enlighten people and encourage them to donate blood even more. Here are 10 facts and things to now about donating blood to get you started;

10 Things to Know About Donating Blood 

Blood donation is good for your health

Contrary to popular opinion, donating blood does not make you susceptible to infections and diseases. If anything, donating blood boosts your health because it is good for your heart. See, donating some blood, reduces blood’s thickness and stickiness which makes it easy for the heart to pump the blood to the major organs.

The blood you donate, is replaced in hours or a few days

The blood that you donate is very quickly replaced. All the fluids; plasma part of the blood is replaced  within hours by the foods that you eat while the red blood cells take a little longer to develop, usually about a month. This therefore goes to show that the donation won’t affect you as much and everything will be running as normal.

Any blood group can donate blood

There is no limitation to as who can donate blood and who can’t in terms of blood groups. As long as you are a healthy adult with enough blood in the body, you can donate blood. All the issues pertaining blood groups will be sorted by the blood banks and recipients will always get the right type of blood.

An adult’s blood donation can save up to 1,000 lives

Want to know just how precious your blood donation is? Well, one man’s blood is capable of saving up to a thousand lives. There is an incredible story of a man who saved more than 2 million babies because of his rare blood. The man, James Harrison, had blood rich in anti-D immunoglobulin which was used to treat babies with Rhesus disease.

Blood donation helps lose weight

A single donation of blood equates to about 650 calories which is what you use in a 30 minute run. By donating blood therefore, you’ll not only be saving fellow humans’ lives but will be losing weight indirectly.

In the United States, a new person needs blood every two seconds

Want to know how much your blood is in demand? Well, every two seconds, someone somewhere in the United States, is in need of your blood. Majority of the blood recipients are cancer patients and traumatic accident victims. The blood is also vital in surgeries and even used by our servicemen while protecting us out there.

Selling blood is not only illegal but is totally unethical and inhuman

In the United States, blood donations should be purely voluntary or when need arises. Trying to solicit money from victims or their families during their times of need is not only illegal but is totally unethical. Imagine you on your deathbed desperately in need of blood and the only eligible donor, is asking for a couple million dollars, how would you feel?

There are no side effects associated with donating blood

There is nothing painful or hazardous about donating blood. It is a quick and painless procedure which will be over in just a few minutes. You also experience no side effects after donating blood and you can go about with your activities.

Go out and donate blood today

If you are a healthy adult, doesn’t have any condition barring you from donating blood, make a point of going out and donating blood. You can donate at the nearest hospital, contact any blood bank in your state and donate blood. Even if you are not eligible to donate blood, you can volunteer and help making the process as seamless as possible.

Bellaire residents need your blood

As an emergency room in Bellaire, we understand how crucial your donated blood is. We therefore urge the locals of Bellaire to turn up in large numbers and selflessly donate blood. If you have any queries pertaining blood donation, give us a call here at Bellaire Emergency Room and we will greatly be of service to you.