10 Things You Should Bring to the Emergency Room

10 Things You Should Bring to the Emergency Room

An ER visit is never a smooth experience. For one, you have to deal with the smell of iodine mixed in with the smell of saline. Besides that, you have nurses who appear too busy to look at you. These feelings of frustration coupled with the nature of the severe cases at the ER can be quite stressful. That is why we at https://bellaireer.com/ have prepared a list of things, which we think you should bring on your next ER visit.

Shaved arms

Shave arms are an especially important consideration for the swarthy. It will be quite crucial once you are about to leave the ER. For one, when you get to the ER, you may require having an IV drip placed on your arm. This drip is usually held in place with tape.

You should know that the ER nurses would not take their sweet time to shave your arms unless it is life-threatening. When it comes time to remove the bandages, they will rip it out, and it is going to hurt. Taking a few minutes to shave your arms will save you a lot of pain.

Your pajamas

A visit to the ER can either be entirely fast or end up taking all night. It is very uncomfortable to sit on the tiny plastic chairs all night in your tight jeans. It is already going to be a lousy ordeal so you might as well make it comfortable with some comfortable clothes. Do not be worried whether the ER staff is going to judge you. Your comfort needs to be your primary consideration.

Some fluffy blankets

As already mentioned, a visit to the ER will most likely not take less than four hours if you are lucky. The best way to get through it is to bring your fluffiest blanket along. While waiting for the nurse to attend to you, ensure that you bundle up in it and get some rest as you may still have to attend work tomorrow, which can be a nightmare if you never slept all night.

Bring some entertainment with you

At the ER, you will see some great TV screens, but most of them are just infomercials. If you do not want to be bored out of your mind as you watch repeating infomercials bring along some entertainment. It can be your phone or an iPod with your favorite music. If possible, bring along your charger, as you never know how long you may have to be at the hospital.

Bring along all necessary personal medical records

When you bring along this medical records, it will shorten the time that you spend in the ER. The staff will have many questions for you, which can be confusing. However, if you bring these records with you, it will take them less time to complete their work.

A full account of everything

When you report to the ER for a specific case, you do not just need to explain your medical history. You will provide precise details of what took place. If you took any video of the incident, bring it along with you. It will help the nurses make a reasonable assessment of what might have occurred and how severe the case might be.

Bring your glasses and other personal items

If you use retainers, glasses, contacts or anything else, bring them along. In some cases, the ER visit may only be a few hours. In others you may have to spend the night there. It can be quite stressful if you have to send people home to collect these items for you.

Snacks and drinks

While you can still buy sandwiches at the ER, be assured that they will be quite dry and tasteless. However, after waiting for a while at the ER, you will undoubtedly get hungry. For that, you will need to bring some snacks and a bottle with some drink from home. It will ensure that you get through the ordeal without having to endure the bad food as well.

Big fuzzy socks and some slip-on shoes

One thing about the ER is that is quite cold. There is a good reason for this of course; cold temperature kills germs. However, for you, that will mean your feet will be quite cold. That means you need to bring some big fuzzy socks if you want to stay warm through the night. The situation can be even worse in winter when the ER door is continuously being flung open as more patients are brought in.

Bring some patience

One important thing that you will need in the ER is patience. No matter how busy you might be, a visit will usually never take less than an hour. If you start screaming at the staff, it will not makes things move any faster. That will only tier you out and frustrate you.