10 Things You Should Know About the 2017 Houston Flu Season

10 Things You Should Know About the 2017 Houston Flu Season

The Flu season, which began in 2017, is still in full swing. Before things get any worse, it is important that you get the flu shot. Otherwise, your entire family will experience, aching bodies, fever, and runny noses. If you do not know much about the Houston flu season, here are some ten facts that we at https://bellaireer.com/ think you should know.

Flu vaccines help the whole community

A flu shot is beneficial to you. It will help you avoid the worst consequences of the flu. However, it is also good for the community in which you live. It is especially so for people whose immune system has been compromised. For instance, infants less than six months old who cannot receive the flu shots are protected.

As long as a significant portion of the community is vaccinated, even those with a weak immunity are protected. If you live in a family with young babies, it is vital that you ensure everyone in the family gets their flu shot.

The Best protection from the flu is vaccination

Despite some conspiracy theories, if you want to stay safe during the Houston flu season, a vaccine is the way to go. In most years, the flu shot is usually about 70% effective. However, that is still better than not getting it. Although no vaccine works 100%, the benefits of the vaccine are far much better than the risks.

Simple hygiene practices could keep you from catching the flu

Besides getting the flu shot, basic hygiene can be a useful method of reducing the chances of sickness. One efficient way out there is hand washing. Although influenza is airborne, most people get the virus from physical contact with infected surfaces. By cleaning hands often, it can reduce the chances of the infection spreading to you.

Besides that, respiratory etiquette is essential. For instance, if you have the flu, sneeze into your sleeve rather than your palms. After touching your nose or mouth, ensure that you wash your hands.

The flu can be deadly even in healthy people

One reason you should ensure that you get the flu shot is that it can be fatal. According to the CDC, thousands of people die annually from the flu. It estimates that 3000-49000 people die depending on which year it is. In fact, at the high end of the scale, more people die from flu than from gun violence or car accidents.

Most of these people usually have an underlying medical condition like muscle weakness or asthma. The elderly, pregnant women and young children are the ones most at risk. The uncertainty as to how many healthy people succumb to the flue makes it paramount to get flu shots.

The CDC does not support the use of nasal spray vaccines

In recent years, doctors have been recommending the use of an aerosol version of the flu vaccine. In fact, many kids prefer this method instead of getting a shot. However, according to data from the CDC, people who get this vaccine show almost no signs of benefiting from it. As a result, the CDC is not recommending the nasal spray until they can be sure what is causing this situation.

The flu virus changes each year

When you are vaccinated against measles or mumps, you probably need to get it done only once. However, the flu vaccine is usually active for just one season. The reason for this is that influenza mutates quite fast. Thus, what works in the previous season may not be effective this season.

The flu shots do not work in some seasons, but you still need to get them

In some seasons, almost everyone gets the flu. However, it does not mean you do not need the shot. Researchers rely on studies from around the world to determine which strain of influenza will hit each season. They then have to begin production early on to have enough vials by the start of the season. However, the predictions do not always pan out. However, in most years, the scientists get it right.

Flu shots do not cause the flu

A common myth amongst people is that the flu vaccine causes flu. However, this is impossible since the vaccine does not contain a live virus in it. However, some people get their flu shots before the onset of the flu season. It leads to the false association it was the shot that gave them the virus.

Avoid public spaces if you are sick

If you get the flu, do not try to force your way through work. For one, when you tire the body, it makes it hard for it to fight back. Besides that, you will only be spreading the virus to others in the workplace.

The flu vaccine is not immediately effective

It takes a fortnight for the vaccine’s protection to kick in. Thus, it is still possible for you to get the flu if you do not take any protective measures like hand washing.