10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy this Flu Season

10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy this Flu Season

So, the winter season is here, and all you can think about as a parent is the cold or flu getting to your kid(s). That leads you to seek ways to protect your kids from the most imminent threat to their health this cold and flu season. Do not keep your kids locked in the house for the rest of the season. It takes a slightly more elaborate yet achievable health plan, which you can and should apply in your home. The following are ten plausible tips to keep your kids healthy this flu season thanks to Bellaire ER; the first medical facility you should consider bringing your kids to if the flu symptoms you are preventing them from persist (equipped with state of the art equipment and experienced staff).

Frequent Hand Washing

Whether they are cooped up inside the house or playing outside your children are exposed to bacteria and viruses all around them. And their hands are the number one pathway to transferring these germs from their surroundings to their bodies. Thus, a frequent hand wash program in your house should be the number one technique to keep your kids safe from germs causing illness. You should teach your kids to practice washing hands; immediately you are from outside, after petting an animal, coming from the bathroom and before having a meal or a snack.

Consider Getting Flu Shots

In as much as you may try to keep your kids healthy by leading a hygienic lifestyle, it is an unfortunate fact that you cannot be with them everywhere they go unless they are infants. And in a split second of your separation from your child while they are playing with their friends they can easily contract the flu. However, with the advancements in medicine, you can protect them even when you are not with them, by getting them to get flu shots annually as long as they have attained an age of six months and above. Remember to follow your pediatrician’s recommendations in getting the shot.

Indoor Playing

Your kids do not have to go outside into the cold snow to play and have fun. Nonetheless, physical activity is known to boost a child’s immunity not forgetting the psychological aspect of their health that also needs a fair amount of play. Thus, an indoor gaming routine could suffice in this flu season to reduce their exposure but still maximize the fun. With even the smallest of space, you can create a fun activity to indulge your kids in, for instance, a simple obstacle course made of pillows cushions and chairs or a dance competition.

Teach Your Kids How to Sneeze and Cough

If one of the kids gets the flu or a cold, they need to know how to act around their siblings to prevent spreading it. You need to teach them and also encourage the rest of your household to sneeze or cough into a handkerchief or tissue whenever they feel the urge to do so. However, if they happen not be in possession of any of the two at that moment, they should do so into their elbows or sleeves and not their palms. That only enhances the spread of the flu to the rest of the household.

Keep Your Surfaces Clean

The surfaces in your house are significant spreaders of germs within your home that can come from anyone, including guests from outside. Thus, you should consider choosing a reliable disinfectant to use on the surfaces in your home. That includes; toys, tables, electronics, knobs, switches and even tap heads just to name a few common ones.

Drink a lot of Water

Drinking water is standard advice from any pediatrician or physician in the medical industry, and it is so for a good reason. Drinking adequate water and staying hydrated enables your child’s body to fight viruses. Also in the unfortunate event that your child has a fever, they need the water more. That is because it is meant to replenish the water lost through sweating and increased metabolism.

Encourage a Balanced Diet

Eating healthy is another quite common advice recommended by any individual practicing in the medical industry. Your kids may not be enthusiastic about eating some of the foods that balance their diets such as vegetables and fruits, but as a parent, you should be creative. Healthy eating boosts your child’s immune system and helps their bodies fight viruses more successfully.

Let the Air In

Once in a while, it is advisable to open the windows in your house and let clean, fresh air in, to facilitate good air circulation. Despite the winter coldness you can take advantage of the warmer days and let the air into the house. A proper air circulation in the house reduces your home’s characteristic as a germ habitat.

Sleep Healthy
Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep reduces your child’s rate of getting sick, and that poor sleepers fall sick more often. Ensure that your child gets adequate sleeping hours.

Deal with the Sick Ones

For those individuals within your household that are sick, measures need to be taken to avoid them spreading their infections to the rest of the family, more so the children. These steps include; avoid sharing utensils (recommended that until you get them disposable utensils), disinfect areas that are commonly shared in the house such as countertops and change their sheets and blankets. If plausible, you can go ahead to quarantine the affected individual until they are well.

All in all above are the tips that can keep your kid(s) protected from the flu or a cold in this flu season. Add that to sufficient physical activity, a healthy sleeping pattern, a balanced diet and the assurance of good health is enhanced. However, if your child gets sick of the flu, Bellaire ER provides experienced pediatrics that can see your child on that same day and offer their professional services.