15 Safety Tips When Going Back to School

After a few weeks at home, back to school can be hectic for children, caregivers and parents alike. It is around this time that there is an increase in the number of accidents and incidents at school and on the roads. Because of the momentary break from routine, children and parents take some time to adopt to the changes associated with going back to school and this exposes them to a number of risks.

So, what should you do to prepare yourself for the hectic back to school period? What are some safety tips that you and your children can use to stay safe in the back to school period? Here are 15 tips for children, parents and other pedestrians for the back to school period;


Always ensure that children cross only at intersections

After the long break away from school, children find it a little difficult to cross the road. As a parent or a caregiver, remind them to only cross at intersections and avoid crossing anywhere even if there is no vehicle approaching.

Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle to school

If your child rides a bike to school, ensure that you teach them the importance of wearing helmet at all times. Helmets are very important protective gear and in case of an accident, they can help reduce the severity of the injuries. Helmets are also helpful in making the rider visible to other road users.

Always walk your bicycle across a roadway

Teach your children to never ride their bicycles across a roadway. Riding across a roadway increases the chances of getting knocked down and even injuring other road users crossing.

Children should walk on sidewalks

When walking to and from school, children should ensure that they only walk on the sidewalks. Children should avoid walking too close to the roads as this increases the chances of them getting knocked down.

Children should cross the road with the help of adult crossing guards

Educate your children to only cross the road only under the guidance of crossing guards and student safety patrollers. This way, chances of the children being involved in accidents are very low.


Adults should be mindful of children when driving on the roads

During holidays, most drivers get used to roads without children crossing or walking by. It therefore takes some time for the drivers to adopt to the presence of school going children during the back to school period. Adults should strive to always be aware and mindful of the children crossing and using the roads to walk to school.

Make good use of road signs

When driving, adults should be aware of the road signs warning them of zebra crossings and other things on the road. This way, chances of accidents involving children will be minimized.

Drivers should slow done in school zones

When driving through school zones, drivers should reduce their speeds to avoid cases of knocking down students. Stick to the speed limits provided and only speed once you are out of the school zones.

Drivers should be patient when driving in school zones

When driving in school zones, drivers should be patient and give the crossing children as much time as they need.

Obey the instructions of crossing guards

Always ensure that as a driver, you respect the instructions given to you by the crossing guards. This will make the roads safer for the children and the crossing guard alike.

Drivers should avoid overtaking school buses

Unless it is absolutely necessary, drivers should completely avoid overtaking school buses as this increases the chances of collisions. A lot of the school bus drivers are experienced and at first opportunity, they will signal you to overtake.

At school

Teachers should ensure that any dangerous equipment within the school are removed before students resume

Most schools take advantage of the holiday breaks to renovate their schools and conduct maintenances. Some negligent workers leave behind sharp objects and other dangerous equipment which children end up injuring themselves with. These objects and equipment should be removed before school resumes to avoid accidents.

Teachers should remind children of the safety tips once school resumes

To help children get back into the system, teachers should always go over road safety and other safety rules and regulations once children get back to school to help reduce cases of accidents in and around the school.

Remind children of first aid rules

Once children are back to school, teachers should remind them of the first aid rules and remind them of what to do in case of an injury or an accident.

Here at Bellaire Emergency Room, we receive relatively high numbers of emergencies during the back to school period and a lot of the victims are young school going children. With careful road using and proper child education though, we can reduce the number of incidences and accidents during the back to school period.