15 Secrets of The Emergency Room That Everyone Should Know

15 Secrets of The Emergency Room That Everyone Should Know

Every patient would like immediate services, especially in an emergency room. However, each ER has its own system of working, and as we all know, every system requires rules to work properly. To help you understand our ER, and any other ER you may walk into, here are secrets Bellaire ER would like you to know.

The Sirens Are Not Compulsory
The ER will send an ambulance to pick up a patient once the call is made. However, the sirens are only used for code 1 patients. Kindly, do not harass the ambulance staff as they drive through the streets to take you to an ER. They are trained EMTs who are doing their best to save lives.

Medical History Is Important
The physicians in an ER are faced with a challenge of coming up with a quick diagnosis and information about your medical history could save your life. Important details such as previous operation, heart attacks, conditions like asthma and diabetes are crucial in the treatment of any patient.

Denial Could Kill You
If a triage nurse or a physician asks you questions, try to be as honest as possible. The ER staff wants to save your life, not embarrass you. Patients are often embarrassed about taking medication such as Viagra, or breaking a bone while trying impossibilities. Honesty is the best policy, and doctors have heard it all.

Overspeeding Is Dangerous for Everyone
Most patients expect the EMTs to over speed in an ambulance. While it is true that ambulances try to arrive in ERs as soon as possible, the EMTs would also like to arrive safely and work in the ambulance. Basic things such as inserting an IV require stability.

Your Emergency Is Not Always Our Emergency
Bellaire ER will send an ambulance as soon as the call is made. However, arriving in an ambulance does not mean that the condition is always fatal. If there are patients that require urgent treatment, the physicians and nurses will prioritize them. As a reminder, always be patient in an emergency room.

Doctors Do Not Know Everything
A doctor will constantly refer back to his books and computer to do some research on a condition. We understand that TV shows exaggerate a doctor’s knowledge. It is our job to give an accurate diagnosis, and we do not take chances with conditions we are unsure of.

Do Not Expect World Class Treatment
Some patients will walk into an emergency room and complain about waiting, about the staff and the ER. Kindly take a seat and wait. Our job is to save as many lives as possible and offering special comforts is not within our protocol. Bellaire ER will provide quality services, but remember that doctors have to work on other patients. They will not spend an entire day at your bedside.

Doctors Also Take Their Time to Rest
Remember that all physicians are also human. They need time to relax, sleep and eat. Some of the ER staff also have families they need to check on. If you see a doctor resting on a chair, or seating on a desk behind a computer, it does not mean that they are lazy. They are gathering the energy they need to treat their patients well.

Do Not Be Shy About Your Problem
Bellaire ER understands that some conditions, especially those related to reproductive health, may not be easy to talk about. However, time is important in an ER. Please, do not be shy about your problems.

Tell Us Before You Pee
Urinalysis is a common procedure in the ER. If you pee before a sample is taken, then look forward to a long wait in the emergency room. If you came to the ER to have a pregnancy test, or check for an infection, peeing before the urine is examined will take up more of your time.

You Can Ask for Privacy with The Physician
The presence of too many people is overwhelming for some patients. Kindly, feel free to ask for privacy at Bellaire ER. We are more than happy to help.

If Possible, Bring Your Medication List
Some patients are on several medications, and it may be impossible to memorize all. To make the nurse’s work easier, you can carry a list of all medications with you, and probably a list of those you are allergic to, to prevent fatal treatments.

Do Not Minimize Your Symptoms
If you feel that your pain is getting worse by the minute, you have every right to tell the nurses and physicians. Do not try to conceal your pain or discomfort until it is too late. Speak up and get medical attention.

Avoid Busy Hours
If you are in a position to visit the ER during mid-mornings, take full advantage. Avoid the ER on Mondays and in the evening if you hate long queues.
Kindness Will Get You Anywhere
Try to be friendly to the staff. Kindness will go a long way in getting you quality services.

Bellaire ER is proud to offer quality and affordable services to all patients. With the tips above, we hope that patients will understand emergency rooms better. For more information, kindly visit our website today