15 Types of People you will find in the Emergency Room

15 Types of People you will find in the Emergency Room

The Emergency Room is one of the busiest places in a health facility. There are thousands and possibly millions of people who visit Emergency Rooms in their various locations. Some of these patients have very serious medical conditions that have to be attended to while others may not be that serious at all. This means you are likely to find different characters in an Emergency Room. Well, if you happen to visit the Emergency Room soon, here are the types of people highlighted by Bellaire ER you are likely to encounter.

1. The patient in serious medical condition
These types of people are those that come into the Emergency Room in a bad state and the top doctors and staff run to try and save their lives. Most of these patients are those involved in road accidents, those with a heart attack and other serious medical conditions.

2. The “Pain All Over” person
The “Pain All Over” patients are those who complain to be in complete pain even when they are not. These are the kinds of people who make diagnosis quite hard as it can be hard to determine what they are suffering from. In fact, most of them tend to only be in pain when the doctor comes by but act normal all the other times.

3. The Second-Opinion seeker
These are the kinds of people who have been diagnosed with a medical condition by other physicians but are never satisfied with their answers. So they go to the Emergency Room to be diagnosed again with the hope of receiving different answers and results from the Emergency Room doctors.

4. The Frequentist
The frequentist is that person who comes to the Emergency Room over and over again over the same issue. Most of these people usually come up with minor reasons to come back to the Emergency Room then upon being diagnosed, realize that they overreacted and did not have to come back again after all.

5. The person who is diagnosed by Google and comes for medicine
While Google is a good resource to help people find information, other people use it wrongly. The Googler is that person who will suspect they are suffering from an ailment then googles the treatment. They come to the Emergency Room already “knowing” what they suffer from and try to teach the physicians their job.

6. The forgetful
The forgetful people are some of the strange bunch of people you will come across in the Emergency Room. These people come to the ER for treatment, but when the physician gets to them, they happen to forget the reason why they came to the Emergency Room in the first place.

7. The Narcotics seeker
Some people are just addicted to narcotics and come to the Emergency Room pretending they have chronic pain only to get free drugs from the ER. They always have no record of previous prescription and their pills are always “lost.” The ER is one of the places such people can get free drugs and thus you cannot miss one of these characters.

8. The Impatient patient
This is the patient with no serious medical issue but wants to be attended to first. They will always cause all manner of drama in the Emergency Room like yelling to try and get attention.

9. The smooth talker
The smooth talker is that patient who cannot give the nurses an easy time. They will want to stop every female nurse that passes by trying to flirt with them. They are usually careless and quite arrogant despite their medical needs.

10. The small talker
The small talker is that person who will always have something to talk about. They always have so many stories to tell, even to the doctors without considering the fact that there are other patients waiting to be served by the same doctor.

11. The prayerful
Faith can be a very strong pillar to anchor on if you are in need of a miracle in the Emergency Room. The ER will always have that one person who is walking up and down with a bible and possibly a rosary praying for their healing or that of a loved one.

12. The apologizer
The apologizer will always apologize to the physician for having to be treated instead of the others in the ER. They always feel bad for having to be treated before others who they think are sicker than them.

13. The worried mother
It is not uncommon to meet a mother and their sick child in the Emergency Room. Most of the time you will find the mother deeply sad and possibly crying. Sometimes the worried mothers are the ones who pray in the ER for a miracle.
14. The totally healthy person
This is that guy with no medical issue but still wants to take shots and pills.

15. The calm patient
This is the patient who will sit calmly for their turn to be treated. They get treated and leave without asking for much or saying much either.