3 Tips about Heart Attacks That Can save Your Life

It can only last for ten minutes but the results of a heart attack can be fatal. So fatal are heart attacks in America actually that they contributed to more than 12 million deaths all around the world. The fact that they have very few warning signs and symptoms makes them even worse and everyone needs to be on the lookout. Even in the modern era where people can find readily available information on medical conditions on the internet, there still is a lot of confusion and lack of sufficient information surrounding heart attacks. The fact that the symptoms of heart attacks are so closely related to indicative signs of just simple chest pains and heartburns makes it even harder for the common man to know when he should be warned and when he should remain calm. The symptoms don’t give us any favours as well because they are intermittent sometimes and sometimes can be long lasting depending on the individual which makes it even harder to diagnose them.
We talked to Dr. Mario Quintanilla on heart attacks and he agreed with us that heart attacks are some of the most difficult problems they have to deal with daily because a good number of victims don’t see them coming when they attack. It is therefore important for people to learn as much as possible about the heart attacks so that they are able to recognize the symptoms when they occur in you or in someone close to you. Dr. Q was kind enough to give us 3 insightful tips on heart attacks which we are convinced can help save your life. Here are the 3 tips about heart attacks that may save your life;
1. The symptoms vary in everyone
Some say that it comes in waves of sporadic spasms of pain around the chest area while some claim that a heart attack is preceded by their arms getting numb. Some think that it is a heartburn while others feel massive pressure on their chests. Some have difficulties with their breathing while others are just perfectly fine until the last minute. All these are symptoms of myocardial infarctions just that the symptoms differed from one individual to the other.
The type of symptoms experienced by someone are affected by a number of reasons. From the type of food eaten to the location of an individual, the symptoms vary from one person to the other. This makes it extremely hard to tell when somebody is experiencing a heart attack. The best option therefore is to call the emergency room as soon as someone or you start experiencing the chest pains which may be intermittent or consistent. Call 911 if you are far away from an emergency room and get an ambulance to come and pick you up. Assuming the symptoms and trying to live through the pains can be fatal and it has cost very many people their lives in the past. If you are in Houston and its environments and are experiencing the aforementioned symptoms, then contact us immediately or come to our emergency room for the best diagnosis and treatment that can help save your life.
2. It could be a bad heartburn or just a crushing chest pain
As we already have seen, the symptoms and signs of heart attacks are almost similar to those of just normal chest pains and heartburns. This means that at any one point when you are experiencing the pains, you might just be having a bad heartburn or are actually in danger of a heart attack. All in all, you will be aware that something is not right with your body. Because you can’t quite differentiate between the heartburns and attacks, the best thing to do is to contact your emergency room as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment.
3. They are easy to ignore BUT you shouldn’t
The inconsistency in the symptoms and signs of heart attack makes it easy for you to ignore them. They can be intermittent and mild at times that you will almost be feeling nothing at all. It is therefore easy to assume the pains and let the warning signs go without taking them seriously. This might turn out to be your undoing because these warning signs might be indicative of something big coming your way and it might be fatal. You therefore need to report to the nearest emergency room as soon as you feel the pains and any other symptoms that you are not so sure about. Be as quick as you possibly can because the few minutes count when it comes to heart attacks.
If you are in Houston and its environments and are experiencing the aforementioned symptoms, then contact us immediately or come to our emergency room for the best diagnosis and treatment that can help save your life. Bellaire Emergency Room offers life-saving treatment and diagnosis that has helped very many people conquer the heart attacks for years.