5 Steps to Recover After Getting Hit by a Truck

3 Steps to Recover After Getting Hit by a Truck

The first step to recovery from being hit by a truck is figuring out who was at fault. If you have been injured in any way from being hit by a truck then chances are that you will be awarded compensation so it’s important to figure out who was at fault as soon as possible so that you can get back on your feet quicker and without any financial worries plaguing you.

What do you do if you get hit by a truck? It might be one of the worst nightmares an average person can imagine, but it happens all the time in busy cities. If you’re one of the people who have gotten hit by a truck, here are steps to help you recover from this traumatic experience.

The First 24 Hours

Your first few hours after being hit by a truck are absolutely critical. If you’re lucky, you’ll have minor cuts and bruises that will heal over time. If not, though, you could have internal bleeding that can cause brain damage. Don’t try to tough it out—if you feel dazed or confused after getting hit by a truck, go straight to an emergency room immediately.

Month One

Ice your back. Ice is one of our favorite injury-treatment tools—it keeps down swelling and inflammation. Find an ice pack, fill it with water, wrap it in a towel, and apply it to your lower back for 10 minutes at a time until you feel better.

Month Two

Injure Yourself in a Non-Crazy Way: In order to create a proper visual, you’ll want an injury that’s visible but not excruciatingly painful. A good method is to strike your toe on something with about 25 pounds of force.

This is a post about getting hit by a truck and what to do afterwards. I would describe it as informative and easy-to-follow because we talk about how one should go about recovering after getting hit by a truck and also what not to do as well as where they should go for certain things such as medical attention, legal advice, etc.