5 Weight Loss Tips

Unless you’ve had to struggle with weight issues in your life, you will never quite appreciate the importance of having the right body weight. People who are overweight not only struggle doing the smallest of tasks but are at a huge risk of getting weight related diseases. This is why very many people are desperate to shed off extra pounds of weight and get back in shape. People look left and right for the best and quickest means of losing weight. This desperation makes them fall for every new technique and product that surfaces on the internet to help them reduce their weight. This turns out to be their downfall most of the time because a good number of these are just fads which don’t work. So, if you genuinely want to lose weight, what should you do? We talked to a professional and here are 5 tips on how to lose weight effectively;
1. Drink a lot of water
Drinking lots and lots of water has been found to help with weight loss. Drinking a lot of water boosts the metabolism by upto 40% over a period of 2 hours. This increase in metabolism will help you burn off more calories. Experts also advise that a lot of water should be drank before meals as this has been found to reduce the amount of calorie intake. Here is the logic; with a lot of water in your stomach already, there is only room for a little more food and you will be full. This does the trick most of the time and very many people have used the technique to limit their calorie intake. If you are struggling with the amount of food you are eating, then look no further than two or three glasses of water to cut the calorie intake.
2. Go on a low carb diet
If you really area mindful of your weight and want to keep it in check, then you have got to go on a low carb diet. A low carb diet is actually three times more effective than a low fat diet when it comes to losing and managing weight in the body. By the way a low carb diet means that you restrict the consumption of carbohydrates such as those found in sugary foods, bread and in pasta. Studies have shown that opting for a low carb diet not only helps with weight loss but is extremely healthy as the calorie intake reduces. Avoid refined carbs especially because they are directly linked with obesity. Refined carbs are usually sugars and grains which have been stripped of their nutritious and fibrous parts. They are the leading causes of cravings and frequent food intakes.
3. Hit the gym
This is by far the most effective means of losing weight but is dreaded by many because they deem it as a daunting task. Well, if you really care much about your health and weight, you will not find it hard to wake up in the morning and lift the weights or use the treadmill. Although many people prefer dieting to weight lifting and aerobics, dieting tends to cause muscle loss and slowed metabolism in the body which is not all too healthy. To prevent this from happening, you need to engage in some sort of rigorous resistance activity. The best form of resistance activity is weight lifting and it has been found to be extremely effective in keeping the metabolism rates in the body high and prevent loss of muscle. Besides the fact that you will be shedding the extra pounds in the body, you will be attaining a good physique and well-toned muscles that are a joy to look at. Who doesn’t want good looking muscles and a healthy life?
4. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
Ever wondered why your doctor always insists that you eat lots of fruits and greens? Well, turns out these are the best foods to keep you healthy and help you lose weight quickly. Fruits and vegetables are highly nutritious and contain only a few calories. They have a lot of fiber instead which increases the satiety of food when we eat. This means that we can only eat food in small quantities and we are good to go. Fruits and vegetables also are rich in water which means that they have a low energy density than most foods. So, make sure you include vegetables and fruits in all your meals if you want to do away with the extra weight.
5. Remain physically active
Take a walk to town some times. Jog around your home in the evening. Take stairs at your place of work instead of the lifts. Just try hard to remain physically active as this helps with weight loss. Don’t eat and just laze around, you will never lose the weight. Engage in some sort of physical activity daily and slowly you will lose the weight that is bugging you.