6 Ways We Specialize Care for Special Needs

It can be extremely difficult to handle a patient with special needs especially when they are in need of urgent medical care. Besides the challenges that come with limited mobility, there is the problem of inadequate facilities and uncooperative staff who are unwilling to help people with special needs. These factors have made many people with special needs to shy away from seeking medical care from emergency rooms. Their earlier experiences in the hands of unprofessional staff make them have a negative perception of emergency rooms but we at Bellaire are working hard to reverse this trend and make people with special need feel at home.
Everyone needs medical care and no one should be discriminated therefore. Here at Bellaire have gone out of the way and have gone out of the way to ensure that people with special needs receive high quality treatment just like everyone else. Here are 6 ways in which Bellaire Emergency Room can meet the special needs of any special needs patient;
Special room for patients with environmental sensitivities
We understand that there are patients who are affected by their surrounding and are perturbed by certain things in the medical sphere. People with environmental sensitivities are often overlooked by most hospitals and emergency rooms because people don’t take their problems seriously. Here at Bellaire, everything is different. We have a special comfortable room with special modifications and adjustments in which the patients with sensitivities can sit and relax with very minimal sensory input. This means that they will feel at home and the treatment will be effective because they are calm and relaxed.
Mobility assistance
When building the ER, we had people with special needs in mind and the design is friendly for people of all categories. Our modern, handicap-accessible facility caters for people with mobility concerns. People aided with service animals are also not left behind because our facility is designed to allow access to all the people with special needs. There is virtually no special need that we haven’t put into consideration here at Bellaire Emergency Room. Whether you have any special need or are bringing someone with special mobility needs, you can rest assured that movement and accessibility around the facility will be extremely easy.
Friendly and cooperative staff
From the physicians to the receptionist, everyone at Bellaire is extremely friendly and will help you if you have any special need to receive the best possible treatment that you deserve. Unlike other hospitals where staff members dread serving people with special needs because of the extra effort and care needed, our staff members relish the opportunity to serve you and leave a positive impact in your life. They are trained on how to handle people with special needs and it is not surprising that the number of patients with special needs visiting our ER each year almost doubles.
Specialist consultations
We have partnered with a number of special needs specialists to make service delivery to people with special needs even better. We know that communication with people with special needs can be sometimes difficult and we have partnered with specialists in the area to enable us understand fully the needs of the patients. This partnership program makes it possible to access and talk to a number of specialists at the emergency room when you need them. This has helped us really improve on the way we deliver services to the people and has helped us widen the scope of our services because more special needs people can comfortably get the help they need without struggling to communicate of pass information across.
Pre-visits to the facility
To help the people with special needs acclimatize with the ER environment, we invite as many of them to visit our facility and take a tour around just to have an idea of the modifications we have made specifically for them. This makes them feel at home and in case they will have to visit the facility in the near future for actual treatment, they will have an easier time moving around and finding the services they need. This pre-visits that we offer have also enabled us to engage more with the people with special needs and understand their needs in depth. This makes us improve our systems and make service delivery to them even better.
Special requests
We have offered room for people with special needs to make special requests regarding treatment and any other special service that they may need while at the ER. Whatever need that a patient has is therefore taken into consideration and if we are able to offer the requested services, then we gladly offer the same.
Visit us today
Don’t be scared of coming to Bellaire if you are a patient with special needs or have a patient with any special needs. We are committed to offering first class care to all the locals and people with special needs are more than welcome here.