7 Ways To Help Treat Your Child’S Cold And Cough

If your child is suffering from a cough or a cold, you might be praying that a cure comes out soon. Sometimes it’s so severe that you might be looking for an urgent care near you, or even heading to the Emergency Room in Bellaire. Though ERs near you can be option, there are several tricks and tips to help out at home with your child’s cough or cold.

Set up a Good Defense

Make sure your children are always washing their hands before they eat, and make sure they’re staying extra clean during the cold season.

Disinfect so It doesn’t Keep Spreading

Try and keep a cleaner house during this time of year by disinfecting surfaces that are touched the most! These include door handles, phones, and the bathroom.

Over-The-Counter Medicine

If your child is losing sleep due to their cough or cold, try some over-the-counter medicine. There are certain liquid cough and cold medicines meant for children ages 6-13 that are focused on the flavor so your child will actually take it!

Gargling With Salt Water

Have your child gargle with some salt water. This can help with sore throats and coughs. You can also try some hard candy or even a throat lozenge right before they had to bed.

Getting Enough Rest

It’s especially important when sick to make sure that your child is getting enough rest. This is when the body recovers the most and is able to fight off the cold. Everyone feels better after a good night’s sleep and this is especially true when someone is ill.

Agave Syrup

For younger children that can’t take over-the-counter medicine, it’s a good idea to try out a little bit of agave syrup. You can also try feeding them cold things. This can ease any sort throat they might have, which will allow for them to feel a little bit better before they go to sleep – so hopefully they stay asleep longer!

Use a Humidifier

When your child is sick, you can try running a cold mist humidifier. You can also try and elevate their heads a little. This can be done with extra pillows, or by propping up their mattresses a little.