Alcohol Poisoning: Get Help Immediately. Ten Tips.

Alcohol Poisoning: Get Help Immediately. Ten Tips.

Alcohol poisoning is a result of consuming vast amounts of alcohol in a short duration. The concentration of alcohol in a victim’s blood is dangerously high, which could lead to one going into a coma, acquiring respiratory depression, or even dying. Some of the common signs that can indicate that one has alcohol poisoning include vomiting, irregular breathing, passing out, developing a pale skin, and becoming unresponsive. If you are with a person that is experiencing some of these symptoms, ten steps can be taken to avert the detrimental effects of alcohol poisoning.

Stay with The Individual at All Times.

Leaving him or her alone and checking up on them at intervals is risky because you may miss a crucial detail significant to their staying alive such as their breathing or pulse. If either of the two aspects becomes irregular, it is essential to get immediate help.

Keep Him or Her Warm.

The victim’s body may feel warm, but it is crucial to cover him or her since the high alcohol content can lead to a drop in the body temperature, which could also bring about hypothermia.

Upon the Victim Showing Signs of Wanting to Vomit.

Give him or her a plastic bowl or bucket to use. It is safer than propping the victim on a toilet. There is the likelihood of the victim passing out while still vomiting, and a washroom, unlike plastic items, may cause facial injuries.

Next, encourage him or her to drink some cold water to avert dehydration. You should not allow them to gulp down the water as it could stimulate more vomiting. Only give the victim water and not anything acidic such as juices. Also, it is essential to have the victim rinse his or her mouth out on occasion. It helps in eradicating the foul taste and eliminating stomach acid.

Employ the Bacchus Maneuver to Reduce the Risk to The Victim’s Life.

The first step relative to this procedure involves placing the arm of the victim closest to you directly above the individual’s head in preparation to roll him or her towards you.

Next, you should roll the victim gently in your direction besides ensuring that their head does not hit the floor. The head should not be positioned on the arm but in front of it.

The third step entails maintaining the airway via ensuring that the head is tilted up, which can be achieved by tucking the other hand under the victim’s cheek. Lastly, you should monitor him or her continuously.

Try to Keep the Individual Awake at All Times.

When they become non-responsive, immediate medical assistance is imperative. You can either rush the person to the nearest emergency room or dial 911 when you cannot wake them.

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Allow the victim to sleep it off.

If the person is responsive, medical attention may not be necessary, and he or she could sleep it off. You should ensure that the victim remains on his or her side to ensure that they do not choke if vomiting occurs. It can be done by having a pillow positioned behind him or her, which will ensure that the desired position is maintained.

It is still imperative to remain with the individual besides waking him or her occasionally. The frequent checking up on them aids in guaranteeing that the victim is sleeping and is not unconscious since the level of alcohol may increase with time.

A Sober Individual Should Look After Them.

The person in charge of monitoring the person suspected of experiencing alcohol poisoning should not be drunk as well. He or she should be sober because none of the senses are impaired meaning that his or her acuity remains optimal thereby not putting the victim’s life at risk.

Also, alcohol tends to have a tranquilizing impact on one’s central nervous system resulting in a slowed reaction time and an impairment of judgment. Optimal judgment and reaction time can be significant in saving the life of a victim undergoing alcohol poisoning.

Do not try to sober the victim up.

You should not attempt any methods believed to help in sobering people up. Time is the only aspect that will enable a person to sober up. Caffeine will not be of any help; it will just try to keep them awake. A cold shower will not help as well, and the shock of the cold could bring about unconsciousness.

The individual should not be allowed to attempt to drive their car or ride their motorcycle or bicycle. They could cause bodily harm to themselves or others.

If any doubt occurs at any moment concerning the victim’s condition, you should call 911 immediately.

In summary, whenever you are with someone that is showing signs of alcohol poisoning, ten steps can be employed to reduce any risk to the victim’s life.