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Music has the power to influence mood & behavior. There is nothing more liberating than listening to your favorite song through your headphones, closing your eyes, and finding yourself escaping reality through its rhythm or lyrics that leave you mesmerized. What song comes to your mind when you think of that scenario? The chances of us thinking of the same track is 1 and 97 million and counting.

Every person has a different escape track because music is often associated with a person, place, or experience. An example is thinking of the person who introduced the song to you. It may also be because hearing the music takes you back to simpler or happier times. There are so many reasons to appreciate music. It has the power to do more than just transform your mood. Music connects us. Think about how embodied a dancer is as they flow with ease to the beat of a song. You can’t help but watch someone as they dance; it is the purest form of bliss because music is so influential on our life experiences, where you get your music from matters. Yes, the platform on which you are listening to your music will ultimately impact your future. 

Okay, maybe it’s not that serious. But it is true to a certain degree. Every music-sharing app is known for its different features. This article will break down highlights of the software/app, user demographics, and ratings so that you can find a music-sharing program that best suits your music desires. 



Spotify is my personal favorite streaming service. As someone who listens to music equally as much as podcasts, it is the most convenient app for me to have. Spotify allows you to access a vast library of music and podcasts in the same search engine. Listen to any content at any time with Spotify premium. Spotify is perfect for podcast advocates and music enthusiasts of the world. Spotify also removed its previous ten thousand download song limit so you can download unlimited music. It also offers the highest quality streaming quality among all of the services discussed today.  


Sign up offer: 1 month of Premium Spotify free 

Student Discount: Spotify offers a discount of $4.99 per month. Includes the following: Hulu (ad-supported plan), SHOWTIME, ad-free music, offline playing, on-demand playback. 


Price per month: $9.99 (individual), $12.99 (duo- 2 accounts), $15.99 (family- up to 6 accounts), and $4.99 for students. 


Apple Music

Apple Music has many of the same features as Spotify; however, there are some notable differences. The first being that the age demographic of Apple Music is a younger crowd than Spotify. Both Spotify and Apple Music allow you to follow your friends and make your playlists public for others to hear. Apple Music is the easier of the two to operate. Apple Music is Notorious for creating the best playlist for its users. Their personalized algorithms are sure to show you music that your ears will love. Apple Music also gives you access to Beats 1 radio station along with many other radio options based on genres. 

Sign up offer: 3 months of free for new customers only 

Student discount: Apple Music offers a $4.99 student discount. This plan includes the following: ad-free listening, free trial (no-commitment), download up to one-hundred-thousand songs to your library, live and on-demand radio, and more. 


Price per month: 

$9.99 individual (one account) & $14.99 family (up to 6 accounts) 



Pandora users note that the service makes it easy to discover new music when searching for a specific artist. One key highlight of Pandora is that it is the most budget-friendly considering it is free. Pandora is unlike Apple Music or Spotify in the sense that it is not designed for sharing music. Instead, Pandora is focused on showing you music that is most similar to what you are listening to now. It is able to do that by allowing music creators and artists to easily upload their music to Pandora to share with the world. More uploads = better chance of finding music you love. 


Sign up offer: 60 days free for new customers only 

Student discount: 50% off for Pandora Premium. $4.99 per month includes the following: ad- free listening, podcasts, unlimited skips, and unlimited offline listening. Ad-free personalized music.


Price per month: 

Pandora Premium: Basic $9.99 (single account) & Family $14.99 (up to 6 accounts)