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Concussion/confusion It’s not always obvious when someone is suffering from a concussion. However, if you suspect a concussion, it’s best […]

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Head or eye injury

Head or eye injury If you have a head or eye injury, it’s important to seek medical care immediately. These […]

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Serious burns

Serious burns If you’ve suffered a serious burn, don’t hesitate to go to an urgent care center. Without proper care, […]

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Fainting/change in mental state

Fainting/change in mental state Changes in mental state are a major reason for people to go to urgent care centers. […]

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Slurred speech

Slurred speech If you’re thinking about going to an urgent care center for an ear infection, think again. Slurred speech […]

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Weakness/numbness on one side

Weakness/numbness on one side If you are experiencing weakness, numbness, and/or discomfort on one side of your body that isn’t […]

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Chest pain or difficulty breathing

Chest pain or difficulty breathing If you experience chest pain, do not ignore it. Chest discomfort could be a sign […]

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Top 5 reasons to go to an urgent care center

Top 5 reasons to go to an urgent care center On an average day, the average American adult has a […]

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Serious burns or cuts

Serious burns or cuts If you have any of the following symptoms, you should definitely go to the emergency room […]

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