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Who is Who in the Emergency Room?

When faced with a medical emergency, we tend to rush and scamper around the hospital looking for quick help. Anyone […]

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What happens when you leave the ER without being seen?

One day back in 2015, a patient came to our Emergency room, signed in, went through the triage nurse and […]

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What Happens in Emergency Rooms

The other day I was watching a movie with a friend and we were laughing at how it is that […]

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Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Houston

When looking for the best emergency room to go to for your medical problems, there are a few factors that […]

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Things Emergency Rooms Will Not Tell You

As a patient in an emergency room, there are things that doctors will not tell which in fact can help […]

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Secrets ER Insiders Know- And You Should Too

There are a lot of people who have no idea of what it is that goes on inside emergency rooms. […]

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Leaving the ER Without Being Discharged

Thinking of Leaving the Hospital Before You Are Discharged? Do So at Your Own Risk I have worked with Bellaire […]

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How Long Are Patients Willing to Wait in Line Before Leaving

I have always said it that waiting in line to receive a service is one of the most unnerving things. […]

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Frequently Asked Emergency Room Questions

Working in an emergency room can be pretty hectic at times. Hectic because you come across not just scary medical […]

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