Can Emergency Room Doctors Diagnose Cancer?

Can Emergency Room Doctors Diagnose Cancer?

You are at work going about your daily duties when you start complaining of shortness of breath. Two of your fellow workmates rush you to the best emergency care centre they know Bellaire ER. The doctors at the ER act fast to restore your normal heartbeat and breath. However, that is not all they do they take a chest x-ray in a bid to determine what was the primary cause your breathing complication. The x-ray results show that you have some nodules on the lungs. After further testing, it comes to their attention that the nodules are cancerous.

It is clear that emergency room doctors can diagnose cancer. Many are the cases where such cancer cases are diagnosed very late. However, Bellaire ER ensures that the services offered to their patients are excellent. Our ERs are adequately equipped with the right equipment to handle every possible emergency we might encounter. The staff is well seasoned with the numerous conditions that are often ignored by most emergency centres. Various patients have confirmed our unique diagnoses. Some doctors just observe some unusual symptoms while the patient is being treated for different ailments. It is critical that every doctor remains keen to the patient’s symptoms as the war against cancer is tough. This war has only been won with proper management and early enough diagnosis.

A cancer diagnosis is not easy as such it needs proper equipment as some of the ways that a determination can be made include; screening, routine GP referrals, urgent GP referrals for suspected cancer, while admitted in the hospital, during regular doctor appointments and in our case a visit to the emergency room. It is crystal clear that in all these ways the doctor has to be keen on addressing any alarming characteristics on the patient’s organs. Yes, emergency room doctors can diagnose cancer. Below are some of the measure we at, Bellaire ER have put in place in to facilitate easy diagnosis of the disease in most of our emergency centres.

We Investigate the Cause of Our Patients Ailments

The job of every doctor is to ensure that each of their patients gets proper medical care. The primary focus of every person in the ER is to ensure that the cause of the patient’s ailments is stopped. The investigation is made to ensure that the patient will not be coming back to the hospital soon after getting treated due to the advancement of the same ailment. The tradition at Bellaire ER has been that a patient is only released and considered to be out of danger as soon as the cause of their condition is known. The practice has a gone a long way in making cancer diagnosis very practical in their given emergency centres.

The Emergency Rooms Are Properly Equipped

A cancer diagnosis is very hard especially in the case that a facility is ill-equipped. Most of our emergency centres are fitted with modern x-ray equipment and CT scans. The medical laboratories are also very well maintained with recently developed medical equipment. Having a just a lab is common for every emergency centre. However, there needs to be a highly efficient and well-maintained lab that gives more accurate and precise results on the samples obtained from their patients. As in the case presented above the cancerous nodules were only visible due to the simple fact that the x-rays and CT scan were done on the patient’s chest were clear enough for a doctor to order more test and even offer a diagnosis within a concise period.

Well Trained Staff

Cancer is only treatable if detected early enough. Thus, the reason most of our staff are often trained on the new findings based on scientific research on the disease. Every doctor is provided with all the recent and necessary information to facilitate their diagnosis of cancer. The central focus of this training is that every considerable nodule on a patient should not be ignored proper tests have to be conducted. Nodules that occur in most of the vital body organs have to be studied and correctly diagnosed.

In conclusion, emergency room doctors can and should be able to diagnose cancer especially if they are equipped to do the job. It takes several tests before one is considered to be suffering from the disease. However, with the current trends in medical technology cancer diagnosis should be easy to note especially if the doctor is keen on their patients. A simple fact is some hospitals, and emergency centres have been overlooking some of the unique characteristics of cancer to the point that most of their patients are diagnosed with cancer when it is too late. However, we at Bellaire ER have a made an effort to ensure that every doctor at our ER stations is well informed and equipped to diagnose cancer cases effectively. Are you in need of agent medical care? Visit us today.