Can Energy Drinks Send You to the ER

Energy drinks are dangerous. Excessive consumption of these energy drinks is dangerous and the number of reported cases of people suffering from complications resulting from excessive energy drinks consumption is on the rise.

Despite their danger, the volume of energy stimulating products in the marketplace seems to be increasing every other day with each new brand seemingly appealing to more people especially the young teens. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that it is very easy for minors to lay hands on the so called energy drinks which exposes them to a host of dangers. It is therefore not surprising to note that the number of annual emergency room visits involving energy drinks has tripled from 2007 to 2017.

So, why are energy drinks regarded as a dangerous? Can energy drinks send you to the ER? What are some of the dangers of drinking too much of energy drinks?


The chief ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine. Caffeine is the stimulant in energy drinks which supposedly gives you extra energy and keeps you partying the whole night. Besides the caffeine, there energy drinks are sweetened and given color additives giving them a very sweet taste. A lot of people end up consuming too much of these drinks because of the taste and are oblivious to the fact that they are ingesting lots of caffeine in the process.

Here are the top dangers of drinking too many energy drinks which are reported in emergency rooms in America;

Cardiac arrests

Too much caffeine can increase the chances of one suffering from a cardiac arrest. People with existing heart conditions especially, are more likely to suffer from cardiac arrests after consuming the energy drinks.

The caffeine in the energy drinks cause more forceful heart contractions and this is how the cardiac arrests begin. In 2016, there were more than 10,000 reported cases of cardiac arrests resulting from consumption of energy drinks.


The other danger of consuming too much energy drinks is that you are in danger of suffering from severe headaches and migraines. The sudden rise of caffeine when you are drinking the energy drinks proceeded by the sudden drop in the caffeine levels once you stop ingesting the energy drinks, leads to severe headaches and migraines.

These caffeine withdrawal symptoms are very severe and will affect the quality of life one leads.


Too much consumption of energy drinks has been found to increase anxiety. This is especially in individuals with 2 different variations in their adenosine receptors. The caffeine makes such individuals very anxious and too much consumption, can lead to full blown panic attacks which are more dangerous.

Increased chances of diabetes

The other danger of energy drinks is the fact that they increase the chances of one getting type 2 diabetes. As earlier on mentioned, energy drinks are very sweet because of the high sugar content they have. Consuming too much energy drinks will therefore increase the chances of one developing type 2 diabetes which wears out insulin-producing cells.

High blood pressure

Energy drinks can also increase an individual’s blood pressure. The combination of high sugar and caffeine in energy drinks helps elevate an individual’s blood pressure and people with existing hypertension problems are at a higher risk of aggravating the complications.

Niacin overdose

Niacin or vitamin B3, is used as an additive in most energy drinks because it is considered to be harmless when consumed in low amounts. When consumed in high amounts though, Niacin overdoses can be very dangerous. Symptoms of Niacin overdoes include skin flushing, rapid heart rates, vomiting, itching and even diarrhea.


Too much consumption of the caffeine contained in the energy drinks has been found to increase the stress levels and irritability of individuals. According to a recent study, consuming energy drinks increases the production of the stress hormone in the body. The caffeine and other additives in the energy drinks caused an increase in norepinephrine and this makes individuals highly stresses and very irritable.

Insomnia and impaired memory

Energy drinks have been found to tamper with one’s concentration levels and even cause insomnia. People drink energy drinks so that they can stay awake all night but few know that continued consumption of these drinks eventually tampers with an individual’s sleeping routine and even ability to remember things.

Here at Bellaire Emergency Room, we have seen an increase in the number of patients who come reporting incidents related to energy drinks. The majority of the reported incidents involve people in their early 20s and teenagers who love consuming these energy drinks at parties.

Too much of anything is dangerous and we always advise our patients to drink energy drinks with moderation and appreciate the fact that caffeine is a drug and can have grave consequences if irresponsibly used. If you are suffering from any energy drink related complication in Houston, give Bellaire Emergency Room a call and receive the medical attention and professional counselling you need.