Can Stress Actually Make You Sick? Bellaire ER

Stress can shrink your brain; it can damage your heart muscle, lower your bone density, and cause issues with your respiratory systems. It will cause your immune system to be much more vulnerable and also increase your child’s chances in inheriting mental illness.

According to physicians, there are about 43% of adults affected by stress, and 75-90% of physician office visits revolve around stress. We are talking straight about stress, and it sounds terrible because it seems we live in a stressful period of history, but you can do something about this issue.

Build a Habit of Taking Breaks

Everyone knows that you are committed to your family and home, and at the same time you require your brain to keep spinning, and it never stops thinking, especially with the activities that require a lot of thought, and the kind that exhausts your cognitive capacity. That by itself can raise your stress levels, even if everything else around you feels calm.

To let your brain refuel, You must learn how to take a real break. Take out the time to sit down and eat a nutritious lunch when you are work. It does not matter if your paperwork is piled up on your desk. You need a break.

When you get home, leave your kids with the sitter and take a nature hike, walk on the beach, or walk in a nearby park. You will be surprised how much this helps you reduce your stress, and it will reflect on refreshing your attention span.

Take a Vacation (or a Staycation)

You need to build into your day pockets of responsibility-free “me time” into your schedule every day as it can go further than you think to alleviate your stress, but there will be times when you need to make those ‘pockets’ of “me time” longer. Now and then make that time 5-60 minutes here and there.

When you can get away to take a vacation and not answer your phone, it will reduce your stress, because it takes you from those everyday problems and will put all the things that have been eating at you into a different perspective.

If you can’t seem to afford to get away for a vacation, then opt out for a “staycation” – one of those stays at home for some vacation time. Let everyone think you are going out of town and will not have cell phone service. During this time, make yourself use a completely different routine. Sleep late every day and in different rooms, different than what you usually do, try different foods, turn off those devices that make you feel stressed, like the computer or your phones.

Try getting to know your town like you are a tourist. Talk to your kid’s in a calmer tone. When the ‘staycation” ends, you will feel like a new person with a new look on life, just as if you had taken a real vacation and traveled a long distance.

Ask for Help

There are times that you probably do everything by the book and it still doesn’t help. Ten minutes after you have had a break or it is the day after you got back from your vacation, all the craziness starts back up. It will overwhelm you, and then you end up acting out in ways that you don’t feel so proud.

It happens to a lot of us, so you do not need to be ashamed. Consider getting a therapist or professional coach that will have the tools you need to help you cope and manage your stress. Easier said than done, but you can do it with the right help.

Your primary care physician will know to whom you should be referred, but if you are feeling you can’t wait that long for a scheduled appointment, then walk into your nearest urgent care and talk to the staff and get a referral from them.

Your doctor will probably know where to refer you, but if you feel you can’t wait for a scheduled appointment, walk into the nearest urgent care clinic and ask the staff there for a referral.

Action Time

Stress can take over your entire life if you let it and cause some severe damage to your health. It DOES NOT have to be this way; there are other options. Get that appointment with your doctor first, get that referral to a good therapist. If you have to, research and find one online.

Do not feel a stigma of suffering from stress, and as you have probably seen from the public statistics, you sure are not the one dealing with it. Learn some new skills and some ways to deal with it so you can do what you need to do to lessen the stress it will have on your health.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you suffer from stress, and as you can see from the statistics, you’re hardly the only one dealing with it. Learn new skills and ways to manage it and do what you can do to lessen the impact stress can have on your health!