Our New Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine 2.0

Bellaire ER is home to Virtual ERs.com a leading telemedicine provider that has been operational for over 3 years. When Virtual ERs first opened its doors, we attempted to do three things: Improve accessibility to healthcare providers, provide a cost-effective means to obtain medical care and create a platform that provides patients with the same high-quality standards we provide at the ER.

We are proud to announce that we have been successful in this, and even more excited to announce the newest update to our platform. VirtualERs.com 2.0 takes a new approach to Telemedicine. Instead of using proprietary software for our telemedicine events, our patients can now use the software they already have and love such as Skype and Facetime. Thanks to advances in encryption, we are able to continue providing secure and private consultations to all of our patients without the need for additional browser plug-ins or add-ons. In addition to that patients can now export their medical records more easily for follow ups, or referrals.

By maintaining our affordable rate of $49.99, and continuing to provide the highest quality care we are helping patients all over the country get the Emergency and urgent medical care they need. If you would like to try our new platform head over to VirtualERs.com and speak with a healthcare provider in minutes, and never think of medicine in the same way again.