Demystifying Board-Certified Physicians

When looking for the right emergency room for you and your family, you always want an emergency room operated with a physician with the right qualifications and is board-certified. This is something that everyone talks about but very few people actually what it means to be board-certified and its significance in the medical world. To help understand the meaning of board certification and its significance in the industry we talked to a board-certified physician who is a head physician at Bellaire Emergency Room. We had a hearty chat with Dr. Mario Quintanilla and he was more than willing to help us understand the significance of board certification and what it means. Here is what Dr. Q had to say;
Board certification
Dr. Q was fast to remind us that even after graduating from medical school, a doctor is not able to practice a particular specialty until he/she completes a residency. Residency means practising medicine in a hospital or in a clinic under the supervision of an attending physician. A physician may choose residency in family medicine, anaesthesiology, reconstructive surgery, dermatology among many other medical disciplines. The residency takes a few years and before one completes it, they are not qualified to practice a particular speciality. After working under the scrutiny of an attending physician and qualifying in the residency, the doctor will then acquire a licence. He/she will then have to be put to test by the American Board of Medical Specialties to ascertain his/her level of mastery in the field. He/she has to prove a certain level of competency by passing the test administered by the board. Only after he/she has passed the test and met his challenge will he/she claim to be certified in the speciality or sub-speciality. Only people who have been put to test by the board and met the set goals are therefore eligible to be called board-certified physicians.
So, now that we know what board certification is, we sought to know its importance from Dr. Q.
Benefits of board certification
Board certification is a sign of competency in the field. It is a sign that a physician understands the basics and fundamentals of a specific area of speciality and has complemented his requirements in the medical field. The tests by the board are time bound and encompass almost every aspect of the specified area of speciality. For one to pass the test therefore, they need to have an understanding of the area properly.
Board certification helps serve as a sieve to get rid of the unqualified medical practitioners posing as physicians. This is important because the rogue individuals who pose as qualified physicians get to be eliminated from the medical industry and only the genuine qualified individuals are given the certification. This is important for the standards of medical services and safety of patients. Nobody wants to trust a rogue physician with his/her life ever. Board certification helps ensure that only the qualified individuals are given the go ahead to treat patients and run medical institutions.
Board certification is a proof of experience in the said area of speciality. As we earlier on mentioned, it is impossible to get certification if you have not worked under the keen eye of an attending physician who will be assessing your performance and understanding in the field. This working under the watchful eye of the physician gives you the experience you will need once you are certified and ready to work on your own. You can therefore trust that every board-certified physician has at-least three years of experience under his belt and can be trusted to deliver every time he is asked to.
It is important to note that not all emergency rooms and hospitals employ board certified physicians. Actually most of the emergency rooms in America are run and operated by assistant physicians who are either board eligible and have not taken the certification test or are just fresh from college and are working under an attending physician. Very few hospitals and emergency rooms are operated by board-certified physicians in America and Bellaire emergency room is one of them.
Here at Bellaire emergency room, we care too much about the standards of treatment to delegate the duties of treating chronic and acute complications to half-baked professionals. This is why we staff only qualified and experienced board-certified physicians who we are convinced are capable of handling any form of complication. Our physicians are massively experienced and have been practising for more than 15 years and have literally seen it all when it comes to treating medical conditions.
Don’t gamble with your life by going to physicians who are not board-certified. Contact Bellaire Emergency room today and join the family where you have all your medical needs taken care of by qualified board-physicians with years of experience in the field.