Depression : Client/Family Education

Client/Family Education

  • Nature of the illness
    • Stages of grief and symptoms associated with each stage
    • What is depression?
    • Why do people get depressed?
    • What are the symptoms of depression?
  • Management of the illness
    • Medication management
    • Assertive techniques
    • Stress-management techniques
    • Ways to increase self-esteem
    • Electroconvulsive therapy
  • Support services
    • Suicide hotline
    • Support groups
    • Legal/financial assistance


  • Has self-harm to the client been avoided?
  • Have suicidal ideations subsided?
  • Does the client know where to seek assistance outside of the hospital when suicidal thoughts occur?
  • Has the client discussed the recent loss with the staff and family members?
  • Is he or she able to verbalize feelings and behaviors associated with each stage of the grieving process and recognize his or her position in the process?
  • Have obsession with, and idealization of, the lost object subsided?
  • Is anger toward the lost object expressed appropriately?
  • Does the client set realistic goals for self?
  • Is the client able to verbalize positive aspects about self, past accomplishments, and future prospects?
  • Can the client identify areas of life situation over which he or she has control?