Depression : Diagnosis/Outcome Identification

Diagnosis/Outcome Identification

  • Disturbed Sensory Perception (auditory and visual)
  • Disturbed Thought Processes
  • Social Isolation
  • Risk for Violence: Self-directed or Other-directed
  • Impaired Verbal Communication
  • Self-Care Deficit
  • Disabled Family Coping
  • Ineffective Health Maintenance
  • Impaired Home-Maintenance

Outcome: The Patient

  • Demonstrates an ability to relate to others satisfactorily
  • Recognizes distortions of reality
  • Has not harmed self or others
  • Perceives self realistically
  • Demonstrates ability to perceive the environment correctly
  • Maintains anxiety at a manageable level
  • Relinquishes need for delusions and hallucinations
  • Demonstrates ability to trust others
  • Uses appropriate verbal communication in interactions with others
  • Performs self-care activities independently