Depression : Nursing process: Positive Symptoms

Nursing process: Positive Symptoms

  • Content of thought
    • Delusions: Fixed, false personal beliefs
      • Persecutory
      • Grandiose
      • Somatic
      • Erotomanic
      • Jealous
  • Form of thought
    • Associative looseness (also called loose association): Shift of ideas from one unrelated topic to another
    • Neologisms: Made-up words that have meaning only to the person who invents them
    • Concrete thinking: Literal interpretations of
      the environment
    • Clang associations: Choice of words is governed by sound (often rhyming)
    • Word salad: Group of words put together in a random fashion
    • Circumstantiality: Delay in reaching the point of a communication because of unnecessary and tedious details
    • Tangentiality: Inability to get to the point of communication due to the introduction of many new topics
    • Mutism: Inability or refusal to speak
    • Perseveration: Persistent repetition of the same word or idea in response to different questions
  • Perception: interpretation of stimuli through the senses
    • Hallucinations: False sensory perceptions not associated with real external stimuli
      • Auditory
      • Visual
      • Tactile
      • Gustatory
      • Olfactory
    • Illusions: Misperceptions of real external stimuli
    • Echopraxia: Repeating movements that are observed