Depression : Treatment Modalities

Treatment Modalities

  • Psychological treatments
    • Individual psychotherapy: Long-term therapeutic approach; difficult because of client’s impairment in interpersonal functioning
    • Group therapy: Some success if occurring over the long-term course of the illness; less successful in acute, short-term treatment
    • Behavior therapy: Chief drawback has been inability to generalize to community setting after client has been discharged from treatment.
  • Social treatments
    • Social skills training: Use of role play to teach client appropriate eye contact, interpersonal skills, voice intonation, posture, and so on; aimed at improving relationship development
    • Family therapy: Aimed at helping family members cope with long-term effects of the illness
  • Program of Assertive Community Treatment
    • A program of case management that takes a team approach in providing comprehensive, community-based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to persons with serious and persistent mental illness