Do Emergency Rooms Provide Medical Service for Children

Do Emergency Rooms Provide Medical Service for Children?
When your child falls ill or is injured, visiting the ER is the fastest way to seek immediate medical attention. It is common for children to fall sick due to their exposure to germs when playing. Sometimes, they may get injured, or run a fever due to contact with unhygienic surfaces. Bellaire ER takes pride in providing emergency treatment for children. Here are a few things you should know as a parent, to help you understand why visiting the ER is crucial.
When Should You Call The ER?
As a parent, you must make the call in case of a medical emergency. However, it may be difficult to decide when your child needs to go to the ER, and when they need some soup and a warm bath. For this reason, Bellaire ER has listed some of the medical emergencies that require immediate professional help.
If your child has:
Difficulty Breathing or Is Already Turning Blue
Unconscious and Unresponsive
Is Involved in A Serious Accident
Bone Fracture
Seizure for 3-5 Minutes
Neck or Spine Injury
Injury to The Head
Persistent Vomiting and Diarrhea
Uncontrolled Bleeding
Food Poisoning, Or Any Other Kind of Poisoning

What Should You Prepare for Going to The ER?
Emergency Room facilities operate just like hospitals, but on a smaller scale. Physicians will need your help, as a parent, to help your child as soon as possible. It is essential to have a medical history that includes the following:
A list of medications your child is currently taking
Any allergic reactions and medication he/she is allergic to
History of the previous hospitalization
Previous surgeries your child has undergone
Illnesses they may have
Immunization history
Relevant family medical history
If you have a family doctor, you should hand over their contacts to the ER team. The doctor may have an easier time giving specific details, and may also retrieve necessary files that the ER can use. If your child has ingested something, remember to tell the doctors.
Sometimes, your child may need overnight admission or even a transfer to a hospital. Remember to carry a change of clothes and personal care products such as toothbrushes or a stuffed animal. In cases of poisoning, remember to bring the container and hand it over as soon as you arrive to save essential time that is required for diagnosis.
What Should You Expect in The ER?
There exists no specific timetable for the operation of an ER. However, if your child’s condition is severe, be assured that the physicians will do their best to attend to the patient. Severe cases are always handled first in an emergency room.
If your child’s condition is mild, then you may have to wait in line if there are other patients with more severe conditions. Try to be patient as you wait for your turn. If your child’s health worsens, tell the nurses on site to receive immediate medical attention. Also, remember that doctors prefer if your child has had nothing to eat or drink. For this reason, kindly ask for advice before feeding your child.
You are required to fill in registration forms that the nurses will use to process treatment and payment plans. The forms may ask for:
Your insurance cover, therefore, remember to carry your card.
Family Doctor Details
Any Medications Your Child Is Taking,
Allergic Reactions the Child Has

Why Should You Visit Bellaire ER?
Bellaire ER offers the highest standard of emergency medical care for your child. We are equipped to handle any medical emergency, whether major or minor, to save your child’s life. Bellaire ER has the following facilities:
A fully serviced lab for complete urinalysis and blood tests for immediate results
EKG and Cardiac monitoring for heart evaluations
CT scanning equipment for non-invasive 3-D imaging of internal and skeletal organs
Ultrasound equipment for obstetric, abdominal and vascular assessments
Enough bed spaces for overnight admissions

We also offer pediatric treatment rooms (for the children) with thoroughly trained and experienced staff. Our waiting rooms are spacious and clean, with friendly staff to answer any questions you might have.
What About My Insurance Cover?
According to the law, an emergency center should not operate under any insurance network. All insurance covers are required to pay any in-network benefits for their members. Therefore, as long as you have included your child under the insurance cover, payments should not be an issue.
Bellaire ER will file necessary documents with your insurance company. They are required to make payments whether you are in or out of the network, to save on the time needed for emergency treatments. If an insurance cover refuses to pay, state law allows you to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance.
Whether it is a minor injury, a bone fracture, or poisoning, Bellaire ER is equipped and ready to treat your child. Our priority is the health of your child. For more information, visit our website today.