Does Emergency Care Treat Migraines?

Does Emergency Care Treat Migraines?

You are suffering from a migraine that just will not let go. Besides that, the migraine may be accompanied by other symptoms such as tingling and numbness. You could also experience a sharp pain like no migraine you have had before. These are amongst the most common reasons why patients seek emergency care.

However, for most people, going for emergency care is usually as a last resort. For one, unless there are no other severe cases, you will be attended to last. For instance, if someone has a broken leg where the bone has punctured through the skin, it is reasonable that he or she would be attended to before you.

When to Get Emergency Care for a Migraine

If you get headaches, you should rule our stroke or other life-threatening causes of these headaches. Doctors working in an ER such as are best equipped to deal with such cases. These problems can mimic a migraine, and even a frequent sufferer can find it hard to tell the difference. You should seek emergency care if:

If a headache is exceptionally severe, unlike anything you have experienced before
When you begin to experience speech, movement, and vision impairment accompanied by a migraine
Your neck stiffens, and you get a fever with a migraine
A headache starts instantaneously like a thunderclap; it is especially so if you are over 50

Other Alternatives to Visiting the ER

Although the ER is a great place to have a migraine checked out there are other alternatives in that are available to you. However, if you feel that your headache is life-threatening, you should always seek out emergency treatment. However, for a relatively manageable migraine, there are various remedies available to you:

Use a Home Remedy

The dozens of options to treat headaches that you can find online; some of them are over the counter prescriptions while others are home remedies. There is good evidence that these treatments do work for migraines that are not too severe. You should also consider rushing to the local store for some pain medication. It is quicker than a trip to the ER.

Get in touch with a Doctor Online

Many telemedicine platforms online only charge a small fee to get you in touch with a qualified medical practitioner anywhere in the US through an app. The good thing about these apps is that you get to pay way less than it would cost than traditional co-pay. Besides that, these doctors can call in a prescription when you need it.

Hydrate and Ice it up

Directly apply some ice to the head and hydrate often. You should also try to get some rest until the doctor’s office opens up the next day. Sometimes staying in the quite of your home can be quite helpful. Keep in mind that the emergency room is always full of people and a lot is going on there. These can inflame to your relatively manageable migraine into something that feels like it will split your head open.

Opt for Urgent Care

The good thing about urgent care clinics is that they are easy to access. Besides that, they are service oriented. That means you do not have to wait long and the quality of service you will get is excellent. Most of these urgent care centres are great at service.

They will even offer you medical advice and try to find the underlying cause of your situation. It is something you cannot get to an emergency room. There is also the added advantage that the co-pays are quite low compared to that of an ER.

You should ask your Doctor how to administer some of the medication

Sometimes, you can ask your medical doctor to provide you with the drug and show you how to administer it yourself at home. It is especially the case for injectable medication. Some of the medicine that you require to control symptoms such as nausea and sleep medication can be taken at home.

Just ensure that you understand the instructions thoroughly. Your doctor will only agree to it if they think, you are competent enough to administer the medication on your own. If you suffer migraines often, this can save you many emergency room visits and allow you to get back to your life fast.

Consider getting to the cause of the migraines

While treating migraines with hospital visits and emergency room visits is useful, you are may only be dealing with symptoms of something else. Check your lifestyle, your diet, and the amount of stress you have in your life. If you can manage these three things in your life, it may be the start to a happier healthier life. For instance, you can start by going to the gym and beginning to exercise your body. However, you should always consult your doctor about how good that might be for you.