Emergency Room Visit for an Animal Bite. Ten Tips.

Emergency Room Visit for an Animal Bite. Ten Tips.

Animal bites are no joke. Therefore, it is advisable to visit an emergency room as soon as possible. It does not matter whether you were playing with your pet or you were out being chased by wild dogs. Below are ten tips courtesy of Bellaire ER to consider when you get an animal bite.

First Aid

It is advisable to visit the emergency room after bite wounds. However, before taking the trip wash the bite wound with water and soap. In case you are bleeding get a clean cloth or gauze pad and apply pressure to the wound. Ensure that bleeding has stopped before using a disinfectant. Cover the wound with a sterile bandage. You may take an over the counter painkiller in case you suffer from too much pain from the injury.

Call Your Regular Doctor Before You Go

Letting the doctor know what happened is vital as this will help them prepare before you even get to the emergency room. An animal bite may seem minor. However, it opens up ways for new infections. Your doctor will be able to hold a bed for you at the Emergency room if your case seems very serious. The care is even more coordinated when you call a doctor that works in a hospital with an ER.

Bring Somebody with You

When visiting the ER, it is advisable to have a close friend or a loved one with you since you might be in severe pain thus not able to answer relevant questions about what happened. The doctors will need to know which animal bit you to administer the appropriate medication. Avoid at all cost visiting the ER with kids just go with a person that can help answer questions about your condition.

Bring A List of Your Medications

One would argue if it is vital to carry such a list. Having a list of your medication will go a long way in helping the ER doctors on what medications to administer. It is true specific drug allergies are likely to kill you in case of an adverse reaction. The doctors will have to administer some medication to you in the form of vaccinations to ensure you do not suffer much of the consequences of a bite from given animals.

Have your Medical Records and Tests Handy.

Medical records are convenient as the ER doctors will not have to conduct some tests before administering the appropriate care. The doctors do not have to do any blood tests in case you have lost to much blood as the records will show your blood type. They may need to order new blood tests however they stand a better chance since the copy of your previous blood test will quickly tell them what has changed thus informing their decisions about the possible infections from the bite.

When to Go to the ER Immediately

Not all animal bites are severe. However, wild animal bite that breaks the skin should be addressed by an ER doctor as soon as possible. When the bitten area turns red and comes with a fever, please go to the ER as quickly as possible. Rush to the ER in case the of continuous bleeding.

Tell the ER Doctors When You Had Your Last Tetanus Shot

In case you cannot remember when you last had the shot it is good to tell your doctors. Tetanus shots are vital when it comes to your health after an animal bite. No one wants to suffer from diseases such as rabies while you know it can be prevented.

Be Understanding

An ER is often a very busy area of any hospital with numerous emergency cases coming in frequently especially on a busy day. The truth is you will only be treated after somebody who is much worse off than you are treated. Therefore, do not go yelling and shouting at the nurses be polite.

Make Sure Your ER treats Animal Bites.

Having a clear picture of what the ER you are visiting deals with is essential to saving your much-needed time to get medical attention. There is no need of waiting for fifteen minutes on the queue only to be told that they do not offer the services you are looking to get. Not all ERs are fully equipped therefore ensure that animal bites are among the things they treat.

Avoid Nights, Weekends and Holidays.

ER doctors also take days off, therefore, to get quicker services avoid these days. Avoid going to an ER altogether on these days. Visit an urgent care if you get an animal bite in any of those days. During this days the ER is only equipped to deal with life-threatening circumstances. Therefore, the queue might be short, but the services may be running very slow.

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