Are Emergency Room Visits Confidential

Are Emergency Room Visits Confidential

The confidentiality of the patients in the emergency rooms is an essential aspect that every health center should observe. It is the right of every patient to have his or her medical details kept private by the institution and the doctors that treat them when they get ill. Apart from the medical physician and the health insurance company, they should not share the medical information of the victim with the third party. It is an act we highly discourage at our institution, Bellaire ER. Sharing health details of other patients in the hospital may lead to high levels of stigmatization in the society, which may also result in loss of confidence among the victims.

Thousands of Americans and citizens of other nations visit the emergency rooms for different reasons.  Their family members or colleagues may take them there, either been unconscious or with other critical illnesses. The parents or the relatives who take their patients for urgent checkups in different emergency rooms expect their medical details and other information of the victims to remain confidential. The patients have a right to sue the medics and the institution that discloses their health information to a third party or publish it in online journals as case studies without erasing the names and other personal information.

Reasons why emergency rooms require high levels of confidentiality

Moral Respect

In the department of health care, one of the most crucial pillars is confidentiality. Therefore, all professionals in that field should protect the information of the patients. Mostly, the patients taken to the emergency rooms are unconscious or suffer from chronic illnesses. Therefore, one way to show them respect and to value them is by keeping their details safe and confidential. At Bellaire ER, we care about the interests of the residents of the state of Texas and the surrounding regions. Apart from the insurance company of the patient, we do not share his or her information to another person. That is the reason why thousands of residents in the region prefer visiting our emergency rooms when they get ill. They also bring their relatives with chronic illness. We handle them with respect and great professionalism. We do not breach the rule of confidentiality. It plays a significant role in maintaining the proper respect for the victims and the doctors in our institution.

Trust Building

In the health sector, trust is an essential aspect. Every hospital or emergency room center should have competent professionals with exceptional capabilities of creating long-term relationships with the clients. The best health centers in the USA, both in the private and public sectors have skilled personnel who build excellent relationships with their patients. However, the achievement of this aspect is totally impossible if the staff members do not value the benefits of the confidentiality of the patients who visit the emergency rooms or other health centers every day. At our health center in the state of Texas, since our establishment, we have been creating productive relationships with the people that we serve every year. These individuals keep coming back to our institution, Bellaire ER to get our world-class services. However, it has been a tough journey to win the hearts of our loyal clients. The only catalyst for building this trust is how we maintain the confidentiality of our patients. We have never involved a third party in the treatment process of the victims in our emergency rooms. That is the main reason they trust us, and we keep getting more clients every time.

Some health centers have awful emergency rooms that do not keep the privacy of the patients. Their emergency rooms have poor conditions and unskilled personnel who do not have the skills to handle the unconscious and critically ill patients. At Bellaire ER, we discourage our loyal customers from visiting the medical institutions that do not respect their confidentiality.

Some of the poor conditions that hinder privacy in the emergency rooms of the non-recommended health centers include:


Mostly, the emergency centers that do not have large rooms to accommodate many patients get overcrowded. In the USA, hundreds of individuals visit emergency rooms every day for medical assistance. When they get crowded in the center, it is impossible to maintain confidentiality. That is the reason why we have many and spacious rooms at Bellaire ER, which can accommodate many patients who need our fantastic services.

Poor partitioning

Many ineffectual health centers that have emergency rooms partition them with curtains. These curtains allow the third parties to hear the conversation between the patient and the medical physician. It is a major challenge to the confidentiality of the victims because the outsiders and other patients in the rooms will get information about their health condition. One of the reasons that make our emergency rooms the best in the state of Texas and the surrounding regions is that they are partitioned using stone walls. Therefore, the third parties cannot hear the conversation between the health practitioner and the patient in the emergency rooms.

Use of the patients’ images in case studies

Some hospitals allow the media to take the pictures of the victims and use them in the case studies when broadcasting their daily news to the public. Using the images of the victims without their consent is illegal. At Bellaire ER, unless the patient agrees to talk to the media, we prohibit the journalists from entering our emergency rooms.

Bellaire ER’s principal goal is to offer world-class emergency room services at affordable prices to both the insured and the uninsured citizens. We are the best because we value the confidentiality of our clients. We treat them with respect, professionalism, and dignity. Therefore, if you need fantastic and consistent emergency room services, contact our personnel through our site for 24/7 throughout the year.