Are Emergency Room Visits Tax Deductible

Are Emergency Room Visits Tax Deductible

There are numerous tax deductibles in the USA. When filing tax returns, it is advisable to take advantage of these tax deductions because they will save you a lot of money. For instance, most of the medical expenses are tax deductible. If the expenditure on your health and other activities involving health exceeds the standard deduction for the year, you should itemize them on your tax returns.

Medical expenses can be extremely high, especially when you or your family member visits an emergency room numerous times. Whether you have a health insurance or not, you may incur huge expenses that can cause harm to your budget. For critically ill patients, spending hours in the emergency rooms require a lot of money. The insurance plan may not cover all the expenses in the emergency rooms. Therefore, you will have to pay those medical bills, especially if the health practitioners in the health center are not included in the insurance plan that you have.  

Typically, the reduction in the tax duty from the gross income of the taxpayer is what we refer as the tax deduction. Over the course of the year, the taxpayer may have varieties of medical-related events or expenses that make him or her spend money. The individual can include these costs when filing annual tax returns. One of them includes the emergency room visits costs. It is advisable to itemize emergency room expenses in the tax forms every year so that the government will reimburse them.

At Bellaire ER, the experienced staff members offer advisory support to the clients on how to include the emergency room expenses in their annual tax returns. It enables our customers to save thousands of dollars each year. They can use the saved money to invest or to pay other monthly bills.

Co-pays are also deductible emergency room expenses on the annual tax returns

There are medical insurance plans that require the insured to pay for the co-pays first before receiving treatment at the emergency rooms. Mostly, the co-pays are not high amounts of money.  However, these co-pays may pile-up and become thousands of dollars at the end of the year. They will excessively increase your family’s annual expenditure in the long-run.

At Bellaire ER, we advise people that, if the co-pays they pay at the emergency rooms exceeds the standard level and become massive amounts, it is wise to claim tax deductions when filing tax returns per year. However, not all co-pays qualify to be included in the tax deductions list on the tax forms. All the co-pays paid for dental check-ups, diagnosis, and testing at the emergency room qualify to be in the medical expenses deductions.  For instance, when you visit our emergency rooms, Bellaire ER with a bleeding wound in the head or another part of the body, you may have to pay the co-pays first, according to your insurance plan. You will get stitches immediately from our qualified doctors to stop the bleeding wounds. The co-pays requested at our institution, after visiting our emergency rooms qualifies to be on the list of tax deductions. Additionally, if you pay the co-pays for your spouse or family member to enter our emergency rooms, these expenses also qualifies.

At Bellaire ER, we value the interests our clients. Their health is our top priority. Therefore, if you visit our emergency room without the money to pay the co-pays, we first treat you and ensure that your health stabilizes again. After regaining your health, you may decide to pay the money instantly or after a period agreed with the institution. It is against the law to abandon critically ill patients at the emergency rooms because they lack the money or they are not insured. Our health center obeys the rules and regulations of the entire United States of America.

A list of deductible medical expenses at the emergency rooms

  • Vision care costs
  • Different types of surgeries
  • Hearing aid appliances
  • Ambulance expenses to and from the emergency rooms
  • Getting breathing devices
  • Getting an artificial limb or eye as a result of an accident and many others

What is not deductible?

Some emergency room expenses are not deductible and at other reliable health centers. For instance, if the insurance company reimbursed you the money that you spent to get the treatment services in the emergency rooms, the amount is not tax deductible. Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States does not allow citizens to add the expenses incurred for the cosmetic procedure in the list of the deductibles. The other non-deductibles include the general health substances like the vitamin foods, toothpaste, and the non-prescribed nicotine products.

You should note that the medical expenses allowed by the IRS in the list of deductibles must exceed 10% of the annual adjusted gross income. At Bellaire ER, we advise our clients to safely keep their records that they will use to claim their medical expenses. These documents include the receipts showing the patient’s name and the details of the health center that received the payment, the need for the prescription document from a certified medical practitioner and evidence that the expenses exceeded by 10%. Therefore, if you require any assistance about how you can claim the emergency room expenses, you can contact our customer care desk through our website and get maximum support from our dedicated staff members.