Family and Fitness at the Houston Zoo

Family and Fitness at the Houston Zoo
If you love animals and have outdoor-loving children or you are just an outdoor and adventurous person, there is absolutely no excuse not to visit the Houston Zoo. Houston Zoo is home to more than 6000 animals from 900 various species, sitting on a wide 55-acre land. Surely, there has to be something for everyone.
A quick tip; choose the best weather preferably on a not so hot day when the animals are out of their enclosures to have the best view and snaps. In 2016, the Zoo received $500,000 for renovation which brought a brand new look with new lighting, new tanks, spectacular interior designs. The exhibits were not left behind among them; The African Forest, ShoeBill Stork Exhibit, Natural encounters, The Kipp Aquarium, McNair Asian Elephant and the three bird exhibits. Don’t worry about enough air circulation because the renovation included great and sufficient air.
Houston Zoo also has a particular section for children; The John P. McGovern’s Children Zoo which features a playground, a petting zoo, live shows, bug house, and a bat cave. All children’s sections are active on a daily basis. You can take your toddler any pick of your day during the week. Also, there is a wildlife Carousel for kids taller than 42 inches. It only costs two dollars for the zoo members to enjoy this facility and three dollars for the non-members.
So how do you ensure your family makes the most out of Houston Zoo?
Pack Lunch
The zoo allows guests to carry food and drinks from outside under the condition you don’t tag along glass bottles, plastic straws, alcoholic beverages and of course no littering. It may take extra effort and time to pack snacks and lunch, but your family will appreciate a home meal while out and about. However, if you sort of run out of food, there are four restaurants at the zoo. Although they are usually crowded, if you have picky kids, you will be happy if you brought something from home. Again, your family probably loves home food compared to restaurant food. Perhaps bring home lunch to the zoo.
Cool Off At The Water Park
If you happen to take the trip to Houston Zoo during the summer, the chances are that the temperatures are too hot to exercise in the sun. Luckily, the 13,500 square foot Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park will be your family’s favorite spot during the hot days. Admittance to the water play area is already included as part of the zoo admission fee. The various cool water fountains and features are the perfect way to prevent a heat stroke while in the Zoo.
Take The Most Of The Family Programs
The zoo was specially tailored for families. Moreover, the zoo has some unique programs like the Zoo Yoga for both long-term yogis and newbies. There are other fitness programs for all ages from kids to adults and even those who want to train as a family. There are also Wild Wheels for energetic infants and toddlers and mainly focuses on strengthening kid’s kinesthetic skills and abilities. Be sure to check in at the Bellaire ER for fitness tests for your infant.
Feed The Giraffes
You have probably heard of the popular Masai giraffe family at Houston Zoo. Under the Giraffe Feeding Platform near the Twiga Café, guests are welcome to interact and feed the giraffes under supervision. You can offer snacks to the giraffes while interacting with the long-necked beautiful creatures. Mostly, feedings are scheduled from 11 a.m to 2 p.m daily and only costs seven dollars. If the feeding part irks you but would love to take a better look at the giraffes, the café has inside tables with spectacular views where you can take great pics.
Relax And Take A Train Ride
Once you are done with the walking and exercising and eating, you will probably appreciate a train ride on the Hermann Park Railroad. This should be the perfect way to end your day with an admission fee of $3.50 per head and a free pass for infants under the age of 1. This section is separate from the zoo with an 18-minute journey.
Take A Trek At The Texas Gorilla Adventure
The zoo has a new dimension with a gorilla trek consisting of seven majestic lowland gorillas in which four are silverbacks. This should be an exciting adventure for the whole family. Gorillas are not an everyday view. These gorillas are designed to look and feel like Central and West Africa. Kids enjoy watching the forest trail where gorillas climb and play while munching on favorite treats such as lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, and carrots.
Life is made of the best memories shared with your loved ones. Your outing at the Houston Zoo will most likely be a success with a greater bond between you and your loved ones. Make the best out of the visits.