Frequently Asked Emergency Room Questions

Working in an emergency room can be pretty hectic at times. Hectic because you come across not just scary medical conditions but equally peculiar medical conditions that leave you shocked. In my many years working together with Bellaire Emergency Room, I have seen my fair share of medical cases. I have equally been faced with numerous questions, most of which are almost asked every single day.

To help our patients, we have come up with a list of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning emergency rooms and have tried to answer them to the best of our abilities. We have partnered with some of the top medical practitioners and doctors in the facility to come up with medical answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. These FAQs apply to any patient, whether you are a patient at Bellaire or are in an emergency, these answers we believe can help you understand your problem better. Some of the questions are medical while others are general questions by concerned patients looking to understand how the emergency rooms are run. Here are 5 Frequently Asked Emergency Room Questions together with comprehensive answers;

What makes an emergency room a better place than my doctor’s office?

This is one of the most frequently asked question that I have had to answer working at the desk of Bellaire Emergency Room. Look, most of the patients we treat here at Bellaire are suffering from minor and mild medical conditions which can otherwise be treated by any doctor in their offices. A good number of them, while waiting in line, always ask why it is that we advise them to visit the emergency room instead of the doctors’ office.


Although doctors are capable of treating you from their offices, most of their clinics and offices don’t have all the facilities required to warrant a good treatment. Most clinics don’t have full laboratories, pharmacies, X-Rays, CT scanners and many other essential tools. At Bellaire, we have the infrastructure and equipment required to warrant the best possible treatments.

Can I be admitted in an emergency room?

Some people seek to know whether it is possible to be admitted in an emergency room when you require more medical attention. Can they be admitted in the facility? Can they be admitted to a different hospital?


Well, emergency rooms are meant to attend to quick emergencies and release you to go home and recuperate. Emergency rooms don’t therefore offer in house admission. In case you are in need of more medical attention, we normally have special arrangements with nearby hospitals and we will organize for you to get admitted. We have ambulance services as well and you will be comfortably moved to the hospital of your choice, or the facility we deem most appropriate for your condition for you to get extended medical care.

What insurances do you accept?

When it comes to payment plans, people are weary of the types of medical insurances that we accept. Can one pay with cash?


Well, as the biggest emergency room in Houston, it is only fair to have a wide range of payment options for our clients because we understand that there is diversity in our beautiful area. We therefore accept virtually all the major medical insurance carriers in Houston. People without insurance should not be intimidated as well because we always have a flexible payment plan for them. Always talk to us and we will provide a solution for the said financial problem.

What do I need to carry along for my emergency care treatment?

Although most emergencies visits are inevitable and unplanned, it is difficult to know what we need for proper identification and treatment. Most newbies especially, or people who have never been to an emergency room before, normally call in to ask about the documents and any other thing that they need to carry along for their treatment.


If you can, please come with the following when coming for treatment in the emergency room;

Photo ID
Health insurance information (card)
List of prescription medications and dosages
List of medications to which you are allergic
Recent test results related to your condition
Contact information for your regular medical providers
These will enable us to give you the required treatment with ease.

How much will I be charged for the emergency room treatment?

Obviously as humans we are bound to enquire about the charges levied on us after receiving treatment. Questions concerning the charges are therefore some of the most commonly asked in emergency rooms!


Depending on the medical condition we treat you for, the charges vary. The best thing to do always is to always talk to the nurse prior to your treatment to get an idea of what the charges will be. Most of the time, we cannot estimate the total cost of your treatment before we actually treat you. If you have any queries about the bills mailed to you after treatment, always give us a call and we will explain the same to you and correct any possible errors.