When to go to an emergency room for abdominal pains

When to go to an emergency room for abdominal pains

Everyone has suffered from a stomach ache at one point in their life. Stomach aches and other abdominal pains are very common throughout the world. Abdominal pains are actually the most commonly reported cases in most emergency rooms in America. Of all the reported cases in Emergency rooms in America, almost 20% are due to abdominal pains. These are staggering numbers which go a long way in showing how prevalent abdominal pain cases are in America.

Most of these abdominal pains are normally harmless and caused by dietary problems like overeating, indigestion, food poisoning or gas accumulation in the stomach. These types of pains are only temporary and will subside within an hour or so. Although this is the case, it is important to note that there are abdominal pains that point towards more serious medical problems and need to be reported to a medical practitioner as soon as they are felt. Such abdominal pains arise from serious problems like pancreatic diseases, appendicitis, abscess formation, sepsis and many others.

It can be quite a task differentiating between the harmless abdominal pains and those that portend danger especially if you have no medical knowledge. The only way of differentiating the two is by looking at the symptoms. Today we want to look at the symptoms of the abdominal pains that should prompt you to visit the nearest emergency room because they are indicative of danger. Here are 5 symptoms accompanying abdominal pains that should prompt you to visit the emergency room immediately;

  1. Sudden, Sharp and Severe pain

If out of nowhere you experience a sharp and very severe pain in your abdomen, you should visit the nearest emergency room because that is a sign of a very serious medical problem. Harmless abdominal pains resulting from a simple heartburn for example will be moderately bearable and will fade away in no time. Any short, sudden and severe pain that is almost unbearable could be as a result of an inflammation of the bowels, kidney stones, pancreatitis or something worse. Report the same immediately!

  1. Pain accompanied by vomiting of blood

If you have been experiencing some pains in your abdomen for some time now and suddenly you are vomiting blood, then you should seek medical help from the nearest emergency room. Abdominal pains accompanied by vomiting blood could be a sign of gastrointestinal injury. This could be caused by ulcers or torn blood vessels in the stomach which is a very serious medical condition that can cause death if not properly treated. Don’t wait till the abdominal pains culminate to vomiting blood, rush to the nearest medical institution preferably an emergency room and seek medical help.

  1. Blood in stool

Bloody diarrhoea is the other symptom that should prompt you to rush to the emergency room. Abdominal pains which are accompanied by blood in stool is indicative of a potentially critical condition. The blood arises from injuries to the digestive system; could be the stomach or the intestines. Ulcers are a chief suspect here but dysentery could be a possibility as well. You never know what the medical condition is and you will not want to take anything to chance. Visit the nearest emergency room and get diagnosed properly and get the medication you need. Don’t assume anything and go purchasing over the counter medication- your life could be on the line!

  1. Nausea and loss of appetite

If you are experiencing abdominal pain especially in the lower right abdomen and have had a sudden loss of appetite, then you need to be alarmed as this might be appendicitis. If you have been experiencing nausea which may be followed by periodical vomiting, then you need to visit an emergency room as soon as you can. Appendicitis is not a joke of a complication. Delayed treatment can lead to the perforation or even rupturing of the appendix which is a life-threatening condition. You should therefore report any abdominal pain in the lower right area to the nearest emergency room for proper diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Swollen and tender abdomen

Have you been experiencing unending pain in the last week or so? Has your abdomen become tender and swollen all over a sudden? These might be symptoms of pancreatitis which is a very serious medical condition. It actually is responsible for over 10,000 deaths in America every year. If you are experiencing rapid pulse, fever and even nausea to accompany the swollen abdomen, then you need to visit the nearest emergency room for medical help before it is too late.

Bottom line

Never take anything for granted when it comes to abdominal pains. Too many complications are associated with abdominal pains for you to play around with these pains. Very many people lose their lives every year thanks to these medical complications as well which means that you need to be extra careful. Visit the nearest emergency room as soon as possible and get medical help.;LOPKIXVFCVBNMJ.