When to go to an emergency room for constipation

When to go to an emergency room for constipation 

Constipation can really be an uncomfortable situation. Inability to properly open your bowels and release some stool can not only be extremely uncomfortable but painful as well. It almost feels like you have concrete balls in your stomach which are pressing hard against your bowels but cannot be emptied. Constipation normally happens when the colon absorbs too much water, or if the muscles in the colon are contracting slowly or poorly so that the stool moves too slowly and loses more water hence cannot be passed out easily. Constipation is something very many Americans have had to deal with in their lives but did you know that some forms of constipation are dangerous and should be treated as emergencies?

Normally constipations are harmless. Disability to pass stool for a few hours should not get you worried although most people get spooked by this. Constipation can be taken care of at home by drinking lots of water and picking up some recommended over the counter drugs. However, if the constipation does not give in after you have tried a couple of home remedies and lasts for more than a day or two, then you need to get to rush to the emergency room and get urgent medical care. If you are experiencing the following symptoms when you are experiencing constipation, then you need to visit the emergency room;

  1. Severe abdominal pain

Less serious cases of constipation have very little or bearable pain to say the least. All they cause is discomfort. If you ever experience severe abdominal pain which is almost unbearable, then you need to go visit an emergency room as soon as possible. Severe pain in the abdomen can be indicative of bowel obstruction which is a serious condition that needs urgent medical care. Bowel obstruction occurs when the colon or ileum is blocked and absorption can’t take place properly. This blockage needs urgent medical care and if left untreated it can lead to far more complex and dangerous infections of the intestines.

  1. Inability to pass gas

When you are unable to pass gas at all when you are constipating, then it means that you have total bowel blockage. When you have partial blockage, you can pass gasses and very little amounts of stool but total blockage means that nothing passes from the bowels at all. This is a scary scenario and it needs to be reported immediately. When you suffer from total blockage for more than a day or two, then you will be exposing yourself to bowel perforation. This is where the dry faeces pierces holes in your stomach or bowels. Bowel perforation can be fatal is not attended to on time so you need to act quick and visit an emergency room when you can’t pass gases during constipation,

  1. Vomiting

Prolonged constipation can lead to a condition called faecal impaction. This is condition is characterized by a blocked colon and faecal matter can’t squeeze through. Extreme cases of constipation and eventually faecal impaction cause a lot of pain and sometimes vomiting. When you experience vomiting during constipation, it means that the constipation levels have become extreme and need you to visit an emergency room for specialized treatment.

  1. Malaise

Malaise a general form of weakness and feeing sickly. You feel so weak and emaciated with some fever and possible rapid breathing. At this point, the body is sending you signals of something somewhere is wrong! Malaise is a signal of chronic constipation which has escalated to dangerous levels and you need to get it addressed as soon as possible. When faecal impaction lasts for more than a day, absorption becomes a problem and the body lack the energy to carry out normal activities and this is why you feel sickly and drained. Call an emergency room and explain to a medical practitioner what exactly it is that you are feeling.

  1. Pain around the anus

When you try too much to excrete faeces during constipation, sometimes you end up bruising and injuries the inside of your anus. The hard and dry stool ends up causing laceration in the anus are and this are very painful. It almost feels like you are suffering from haemorrhoids. You can pass stool anymore because it is extremely painful. If it ever gets to such levels, then it means that you need to visit an emergency room as soon as possible.

Bottom line

Constipation is a manageable scenario but some forms of constipation as we have seen are dangerous and require immediate medical care. If you have tried to toughen and see through constipation for a maximum of a day without any change, it means that the constipation level is dangerous. Call or visit the nearest emergency room and get medical aid before it is all too late. Never wait until it is too late before you seek medical help on constipation.