When to go to an emergency room for flu

When to go to an emergency room for flu 

“I am sorry I will not come to the office today, I have some flu”. How common is this phrase in the world. So common is flu in America, that there is a Flu season when millions head over to hospitals to report cases of flu. It hits hard, bringing with it persistent coughing, aches, pains and feverish sleep. Flu is not just a nuisance infection as most people deem it to be. It is a potential killer. Believe it or not, flu kills more than 25,000 people a year. Most of these are kids and young adults who are otherwise healthy. You therefore need to be warned that neglecting the so called nuisance, can mean putting your life on the line.

Although it is a potential killer, most forms of flu are just mild and a dose of acetaminophen or any other antibiotic will help cure it. The fact that most people can tough it out and survive through most forms of flu has made them to believe that it’s not eyebrow raising. And so, when exactly do you ride out the flu and when do you head straight to the emergency room?  When should you go to the emergency room for Flu? Flu can lead to serious complications especially if it hits hard. Here are 5 symptoms of flu to watch out for which should prompt you to go to the emergency room for immediate treatment;

  1. Difficulty in Breathing

If you are having trouble breathing, you need to visit the emergency room as soon as possible. Difficulties in breathing when you are suffering from flu can mean that the airways are either blocked or there is an inflammation causing you to have problems. Failure to get urgent medical care will see the situation deteriorate and death could be imminent. The difficulty in breathing may be accompanied by nausea and dizziness which is due to lack of enough oxygen in the blood supply especially to vital organs like the brain. You therefore need to hurry and visit the emergency room if you or your children are suffering from flu and are having difficulties with breathing.

  1. Fever with a rash

When there is a foreign pathogen in the body system, the body reacts by temporarily raising the body temperature. The fever can last a few hours or even the whole day. If you realize that the fever is accompanied by a rash either on the lips or somewhere else on the skin, you need to visit an emergency room as soon as possible. Rashes are an indication of severe fever which can be fatal if left untreated. This has been a leading cause of infant death in America because parents are not keen to take the kids to emergency rooms on time. By the time they get to the institutions, it is normally too late. Watch out for fever which may be accompanied by a rash.

  1. Dehydration

The other symptom to watch out for, is dehydration. Most reported infant deaths caused by influenza had severe cases of dehydration. Signs that you’re getting dehydrated include urinating less frequently than normal, feeling thirsty, and having trouble keeping fluids down. Children sometimes even cry without tears coming out of their eyes. When you can’t replenish the fluids by drinking lots of water, the only solution is getting the fluids replenished intravenously in the emergency room. Dehydration kills really quickly and you therefore need to get to the nearest emergency room to get the problem sorted out.

  1. Chest and stomach pains

Pains in the abdomen and above the waist are the other indication that the flu is getting severe and needs immediate medical attention. The chest pains feel more like pressure and they are a contributing factor to the difficulties you encounter in breathing. The stomach pains are also an indication of a serious form of flu. They are different from those experienced when you are suffering from food poisoning in that you don’t experience the pain in pangs. You should therefore be able to differentiate the two. The best option however, is to rush to the nearest emergency room and get a qualified medical practitioner to distinguish the pains for you.

  1. Recurrent flu symptoms are dangerous

Also go to the doctor or the Emergency Room for the flu if you seemed to be getting better, but find that your symptoms are returning. If your fever and cough roar back worse than before, you need to seek medical attention. Just when you thought that the flu is gone, the symptoms hit back stronger. This means that your immunity is weakened and the end results might be worse than they were in the beginning. Make a point of visiting the nearest emergency room and report the case.

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