Why Go To An Emergency Room

Why Go To An Emergency Room 

We all have had to rush to the hospital for one reason or the other. Either we were sick ourselves or were escorting a relative, most illnesses strike without warning. Most medical conditions are not as severe from the onset and we therefore tend to take some time before we pay a visit to the doctor while others hit you with such an intensity that you have to urgently seek medical help otherwise you risk losing your life. These emergency conditions prompt that you visit an emergency room as soon as possible to get the best possible care quickly.

When most people think about emergency rooms, all they imagine are the gruesome blood-stained scenes they see from movies. Although there is some element of truth in what we see in movies, emergency rooms are more than surgeons stitching wide open holes in people’s abdomens. What these movies portray overlooks much of what normally goes in emergency rooms. Emergency rooms are both meant to save people who are in critical conditions and those who are in need of urgent medical care but cannot access a hospital or a clinic. Having said that, we need to look at some of the top reasons people visit emergency rooms in America. What might prompt you to go to an emergency room? Here are 20 reasons why you should be keen to visit an emergency room. Here are the top common reasons why most people visit medical emergency rooms in America;

  1. Chest pains

Chest pains are not an ailments themselves. They are normally precursors for a deeper more severe underlying problem. They are a sign of other health problems and as such, you should visit an emergency room as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Abdominal pains

If there is recurrent pain in your abdomen, you need to pay an emergency room a visit as soon as you can. Abdominal pains indicate that there is a presence of some sort of illness within your body. Key suspects being food poisoning, kidney stones, liver injuries or even more serious medical conditions.

  1. Toothaches

The other reason that people pay visits to emergency rooms are constant toothaches. The cause discomfort and when people can find a dentist, they opt to visit an emergency room for quick treatment.

  1. Earache

Earaches are a common problem in America. They are caused by injuries to the inner ear or a tracheal infection. Sometimes even toothaches can trigger them. You should hurry and visit an emergency room to get the situation sorted out.

  1. Sprains

When a ligament attached to a joint is stretched beyond its limit, it tears and this is what a sprain is. They are a common problem and prompt people to visit emergency rooms.

  1. Broken bones

Minor injuries or accidents can lead to broken bones. In 2015 alone, there were over 2 million reported cases of broken bones in the whole of America. Broken bones require almost immediate emergency room care.

  1. Common Cold and Flu

Viral infections such as common colds and flu call for emergency care especially when they are severe.

  1. Cuts

Domestic cuts while in the kitchen or cuts while at work are the other reason people flock emergency rooms. If left unattended to, cuts culminate into open wounds which are a health hazard. Some deep cuts may lead to excessive bleeding which is risky as well.

  1. Head Trauma

Head trauma as a result of accidents are a key reason why people visit emergency rooms in America. They need to be examined as quickly as possible in ERs to eliminate possibilities of internal bleeding and organ damage.

  1. Difficulty in breathing

If you are gasping for air or are having problems breathing properly, then visit an emergency room as soon as possible. Asphyxiation can lead to unconsciousness and even death if not attended to.

  1. Headaches

Constant headaches are an indication of a deeper underlying problem. Could be dehydration, migraine or something else worse. Visit an emergency room as soon as possible.

  1. Vomiting

Food poisoning, stomach upsets or even nausea can cause constant vomiting. You should be quick to visit an emergency room to get medical help if you are vomiting consistently.

  1. Fever

The body reacts to a pathogen or an illness in the body by temporarily increasing the body temperature. If you are experiencing fever, then definitely there is something wrong about your health and you should get it checked as soon as possible.

  1. Back pains

Strains to back muscles or an accident can cause you some serious back pains. Back pains are increasingly becoming a common reason people visit emergency rooms in the US.

  1. Skin Infections

Abscesses and other skin infections are an indication of health problems in your system. They are not only painful but make you uncomfortable. Visit the emergency room as soon as you can.

  1. Accidents

In case of an accident, ring 911 as soon as you can. However minor the cut or the bruise may look, it needs to be examined by a qualified medical practitioner to ascertain its severity and treat it as required.

  1. Syncope

This is the loss of consciousness owing to a drop in the amount of blood flowing to the brain. If fainting or syncope hits you often, then you should visit an emergency room as soon as possible.