How emergency rooms charge?

Every time you walk to an emergency room, you are required to complete very long forms providing information about your health insurance and funding means. A copy of your insurance card is then filed together with the filed form before treatment begins. Do you know what happens afterwards though?

There is a common misconception that emergency rooms services come at a higher cost that those offered in traditional hospital facilities. This however, is far from the truth because the services are offered at an almost or even lower rate when you factor other charges which are levied in hospitals but are non-existent in emergency rooms. The reason why most people often complain about the cost of emergency rooms, is the fact that they don’t understand the billing system of emergency rooms. Why is it that most people feel that the amount of money billed against them after receiving emergency services is higher than what it should be? What would happen if you had no insurance cover and received medical care in an emergency room? Are there some unknown surprise bills which are added without your information? How do emergency rooms charge? Here is a quick guide in how the billing system of emergency rooms works;

Emergency services are mandatory to all with or without insurance

The first important fact that we have to point out about emergency rooms, is the fact that everyone is expected to be given emergency treatment whether or not he/she has insurance. Some people are given treatment even if they can’t afford it. This prompts emergency rooms to set up gross charges to be quite high in-order for them to compensate the payment of the less privileged.

Insurance service provider bargain with the emergency rooms on the amount of money payable

The other important thing you should know, is the fact that the hospital and the issuer of your insurance do bargain to come to terms on the amount of money payable for your emergency room treatment. The amounts of money quoted on your bills are not what insurance companies end up paying to the emergency rooms. They pay way less than you can imagine. Depending on the proficiency of the insurance company brokers, the charges can be cut down by more than 60%. It all depends with their contract negotiation skills and ability to convince the emergency room financial departments.

Emergency room visits are part of insurance benefits the insured enjoy

Everyone who is covered by a health insurance receives emergency room benefits. Each and every health insurance I know of in America includes benefits for emergency room visits for all its subscribers. This doesn’t restrict you to a particular institution as well. You are free to visit an emergency room of choice at any one point when you are experiencing a medical condition that needs you to visit the ER.

Amount of money paid depends on the specific service received from the emergency room

When it comes to the charging itself, there are a few factors used to come up with the final cost of an emergency visit. An emergency room will charge you for every single service that you receive. Minor or insignificant as it may seem to you, an MRI scan will be included in your final bill. This is why you normally receive very many bills from separate departments especially in hospitals. Each Emergency room department in a hospital will separately provide a quotation of the amount of money they feel you are supposed to pay. This is normally because most departments in hospitals are separate legal entities and as such, each has its own bill attached. Standalone emergency rooms like Bellaire Emergency Room though normally have only two or three claims in the final bill for your visit because the whole institution works under single management. The only claim perhaps comes from the physician.

Severity of the condition also plays a role in determining the final amount of money you pay for the services

Besides being charged for every single service you receive in an emergency room, you will get a final bill corresponding to the severity of your medical condition and the complexity of the treatment you received. In Bellaire Emergency Room for example there are 5 levels of care. From level 1 to level 5. Level 1 care is meant for ‘minor’ problems like earache while level 5 care is meant for far complex issues like broken bones and trauma. The cost rises as you go up the treatment chain.

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