How Is Bellaire Emergency Room different from the traditional emergency rooms

How Is Bellaire Emergency Room different from the traditional emergency rooms
Millions of people visit the emergency room every year. With a significant proportion already familiar to ER related television shows and series. A first visit to the emergency room can be scary and stressful. There is a combined fear of not knowing what is wrong with you and being around an unfamiliar place filled with medics who you do not know them and their level of expertise. You may also have to undergo tests that you do not have control over the pace in which you cannot follow up with questions. In standard hospitals, the traffic may get unbearable while responding to life or death situations.
At Bellaire ER, we are committed to creating an atmosphere of quality care and adequate service to every client. The emergency department is well equipped with modern emergency medicine, many spacious treatment rooms to handle the traffic and more dedicated rooms for stroke, pediatric, cardiac and trauma patients.
Our emergency department is staffed by physicians with an average experience of 15 years of emergency experience while our emergency rooms are licensed by the State of Texas. Our nursing staff is certified in Trauma Nursing Core Curriculum, Advanced Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Bellaire strives to offer quality service by ensuring quality and professional services are delivered by the staff.
The emergency department at Bellaire is a full-service unit prepared to handle acutely ill or injured patients who require immediate attention. Once the patient arrives and gains acquaintance with the paramedic, the severity of your ailment or injury will determine at what precise time the emergency team will see you. If the paramedic ascertains that your case is too severe to wait, you will be taken directly into the examination room. If the case is not too serious after paramedic’s assessment, you will be directed to the registration clerk who will enter your details in a computerized record. However, patients who have been previously treated in Bellaire will already be in the system. Aspects comprise of health insurance, name, age, cell phone number, primary physician, and employer.
When a patient makes it to the treatment room, the nurse will continue evaluating the injury or ailment to get to the precise undertaking. This is done by asking further questions, starting the test process such as blood tests and X-rays. Once the results are out, the emergency physicians will examine you. Following the results and assessments, additional tests or treatments may be required.
During this time, while in the emergency department, visitors have limited entry owing to the amount of concentration and traffic that physicians require to do their jobs effectively and quickly. It also ensures that you are receiving the best medical attention and care while maintaining the highest level of privacy one would need to recuperate. There are spacious waiting areas available in the emergency department to provide a serene environment and comfort zone for family, friends, and relatives for the patients.
It should be noted as a conduct of professionalism; every patient will need to sign a consent form authorizing medical treatment. However, this is slightly ignored if the patient comes in unconscious, has a very severe injury or has been transferred by way of ambulance or helicopter. If the patient is under 18, a parent or guardian will take charge and sign the required paperwork.
Payment for the medical services is normally filled in through an insurance provider. Most insurance providers have a co-pay system for emergency care which is indicated on your medical card. In the case of any balance not covered by the insurance, the patient will stand liable. If the patient does not have a medical cover, a credit account representative will contact you for a reasonable and fair payment plan for the medical costs.
We personalize treatments, where a physician is dedicated to treating certain patients until they are fully recovered. This helps in follow-ups by both the patient and physician. In case a patient has questions regarding the care and service provided or anything of concern, he or she may feel free to talk to the physician or nurse directly providing the service. The more you are informed about your diagnosis, medication, treatment, and recovery the more you are inclined to feel safe. Our emergency department is committed to helping you understand your health, medical progress as well the suggested course of treatment. The emergency department also goes an extra mile in contacting your primary health care provider for further comments or follow up on your condition for acute treatment procedures.
Bellaire is also committed to following up with patients after care progress. It is important that the patient checks in for a follow-up appointment to monitor the progress of your health and medical condition. At Bellaire emergency department, we treasure every patient’s experience, progress, and journey to full recovery. Let us help you.