How is Bellaire ER Different from traditional Urgency Care?

How is Bellaire ER Different from traditional Urgency Care?
The difference between an emergency room such as Bellaire ER and the urgency care facilities is the amount of care that each facility can offer. For instance, if you suffer a life-threatening injury, the ER is the best place to visit. If the symptoms need to be handled fast, but they are not life-threatening, you can as well visit an urgent care facility. However, the differences go well beyond this. That is why we have decided to explore these issues a bit more.
When to go to the ER
The ER is one of the most important health facilities for millions of Americans. In fact, for a good number of Americans with no health insurance, the ER is their only option. This is because the ER is legally required to admit anyone, whether he or she has insurance or not.
In the ER, you should be there for serious, life-threatening issues. For instance, if you are involved in a major accident, the first place to visit is the ER. Besides that, if you have obvious signs of a heart attack, it is essential to visit the ER. This is because they have the resources and equipment you need to save your life in case a heart attack sets in.
Besides that, if you have a major injury such as a severed limb, finger, or deep cut, the ER is where you need to rush. The reason for this is that the ER will usually have the blood you need to help save your life. Most emergency rooms will have all the essential blood types that are required to help save your life.
If you get a medical emergency at night which cannot wait until morning, you should go to the ER. By law, ERs are never supposed to shut whether it is night or day. That means if you get a medical emergency on the weekend, your best bet is the ER. This is because you might go to another medical facility and find it closed.
When to go to the Urgent Care Center
An urgent care center is an important place to visit for non-essential cases. For instance, if you have ever had lacerations, you should probably visit the urgent care center. Additionally, you can go to the urgent care center for minor burns. If you have a sore throat or an earache, you should also visit the urgent care center.
Besides the severity of the condition, you should also visit the urgent care center if you want to save money. At the ER, the costs are usually quite high since the ER has to keep operating all the time. In some cases, your insurer will not refund you if you go to the ER for a case, which could be treated at an urgent care center.
Another reason you should choose urgent care is the speed of service. At an ER, you are not attended based on how early you got there. For instance, if you go there with a cut while someone else comes in with a gunshot wound, you will have to wait until the one at risk of death is served.
Thus, a case that should not have taken you more than an hour could end up taking three hours or more at the ER waiting room. However, if you go to an urgent care center, you will be served depending on how soon you go there. This could help you save time and money since you will still be able to get to work in good time.
Another reason for visiting urgent care centers is that they offer referrals. In case they identify a condition that may require further examination, they have the power to refer you to a specialist. Once this happens, your insurer will still cover you. This is quite different to what happens in the ER. In most cases, the ER will only stabilize you and ensure that you can stand on your own. However, they will not conduct complex testing to determine your underlying issues.
If you have a child with a relatively minor issue such as a minor burn, the urgent care center should be your first choice. The reason for this is that the ER can be quite busy. In some cases, this can have an effect on the child, especially when you go there on an especially busy day. However, at the urgent care center, they will take time to consult with you and it much friendlier for the child.
Tips for Visit the Urgent Care Center
If you are going to visit an urgent care center, it is advisable to call in advance. It is especially so if it on the weekend or late at night. The reason for this is that while some urgent care centers will open for long hours, some of them will usually close quite early.