How Telemedicine will Change how we see Doctors in Future

How Telemedicine will Change how we see Doctors in Future

The wave of telemedicine is huge and still taking over the medical scene. Telemedicine has been with us for more than half a decade, but its impact has never been felt as it is now. The segment of the population that is in need of medical attention daily is huge and constantly growing. But then we have the internet and technology that provides avenues for people to interact and share. This opens the way for telemedicine and Bellaire ER thinks that how we see doctors will be completely different in the near future.

Life is hectic enough by itself. Having to put other things on halt for you not to miss your scheduled appointment with the doctor becomes another headache in itself. To make it even worse, most of the times one has to sacrifice their lunch break or their weekend time with their family and use that time for the appointment instead. These are some of the scenarios that telemedicine could eliminate in the near future. The future presents us with doctors who have schedules that are more flexible.

Virtual appointments with the doctor

One of the ways telemedicine will improve the interaction between doctors and their patients is through virtual in-person visits. It is estimated that by 2024, about 35% of the visits to the doctor will be exclusively on the online platform. At the moment, some doctors are offering online portals and video calls to their patients from where patients can get diagnoses and prescriptions.
As time progresses, it will be possible for one to gather their own personal health data using their basic home devices like a smartphone and relay the data to their physician directly. This will eliminate the need to visit the doctor physically unless the medical condition really requires a personal visit.

Instant access to doctors

With the availability of virtual appointments, the time taken for a doctor to serve one patient will be greatly reduced, meaning that doctors will be able to serve more patients. Telemedicine will allow for patients to access available physicians instantly without having to wait. This will be an improvement from the current situation where a visit to the physician is characterized by possibly long journeys to the medical facilities and even longer waits in line for your turn, to be served.

More efficient utilization of inpatient time

In addition to the improved access to doctors, the inpatient time will also be utilized in a much better way. This begins with the elimination of the time one would have to travel to the doctor and wait in the waiting room for their turn. Form completion will also be much easier since it will be filled prior to the virtual appointment. The more flexible schedules and time in the hands of the physicians add to the list of factors that will possibly make in-patient time be utilized more effectively in future.

Telemedicine creates room for much cheaper visits to the doctor

When you come to think of it, delivering healthcare via apps, phone, email or web cam makes more sense strategically and financially. The most obvious advantage is with regards to time. It is much cheaper with regards to time resource. On the aspect of finances, the patient has more control. This means that they do not have to cater for their travel expenses and possible extra charges that are currently charged when you visit a health facility. Research has shown that more than a half of the people who visit the ER go there for minor treatments that cannot be categorized as emergencies. They end up being charged the extra equipment fee that they could have avoided. Telemedicine provides a different way for patients to access the same medical diagnosis and treatment services without bearing such additional and unnecessary costs.

Easy follow-up with the doctor

In future, you can expect more effective follow-up services with your doctor. A simple internet connection and a smart device will be enough to allow your doctor monitor your condition more effectively. You can simply collect your own health data and relay it to the doctor immediately. Live examination is actually possible at the moment where the doctor can conduct follow-up examination in real-time via a video chat, although the technology is limited.

Preventive care to help maintain patients’ health

Another possible way telemedicine is going to change the medicine landscape and how we see doctors is by changing the primary focus of the doctors. As opposed to waiting for patients to fall ill, they can offer the resources to help keep them healthy instead. Doctors around the world have been practicing this for some time now. There are a good number of doctors who have online resources for their patients like yoga studios, health and wellness channels and many other resources that help promote the health of their patients. So instead of patients just going to the doctor for treatment, they can go to them for healthy living tips too.