How to Find an Emergency Room for Fever

How to Find an Emergency Room for Fever

In most cases, a fever can be treated at home with some over the counter medication. However, in rare cases, a fever could be a sign of a worse medical condition such as pneumonia or meningitis. It is thus important that you know how exactly to find an Emergency Room in case it turns to be one of these conditions. However, let us first talk about when to visit an ER such as Bellaire ER when you visit the ER.

If it’s a child

When you have a young infant child, it is quite easy for their young immunity to be compromised in just a few hours. It is thus important that if your infant develops a fever, you should go to the ER and have them treated.

If you become dizzy

A fever can be quite painful. However, it should not get to the point where you become dizzy from the pain. If it gets to such a situation, you might need to have someone drive you to the ER for a checkup. The ER has enough medical equipment to rule out something horrible such as meningitis.

If you experience nausea and vomiting

A normal fever should never be accompanied by any nausea and vomiting. If this becomes the case, it is quite clear that you are not simply experiencing a fever. For instance, it could be that you have a stomach virus, which is why you are experiencing vomiting.

The fever lasts for more than three days

If you are an adult and you experience a persistent fever for three days, you clearly have a problem, you will need to rush to the ER and be sorted out. Failure to do this could make whatever problem you have worse. Even if it turns out to be nothing, a visit to the ER will still be worth it.

You pass out

If someone complains of having a fever and he or she passes out, you definitely need to get to the ER. There is clearly something seriously wrong with their body. An ER visit could help screen them for whatever is ailing them so that they can get the right medical intervention.

So how do you find the ER?

Here are some useful tips on how to find an ER that is close to you:

Ask friends on social media

If you use social media, you could request your friends to assist you to find the right ER that is close to you. In most cases, you will get hundreds or tens of replies depending on the number of friends you have on social media.

Call 911

When you call emergency services and explain to them that you or a friend passed out due to fever, they will assist you. An ambulance will soon be sent to your address to save your life. The ambulance will also give you some first aid. They will then transfer you to an emergency room that is near you. Since they do this daily, they will have good knowledge of which ER is the right one for you.

Call your GP

Your general practitioner will advise you on the best ER to visit. In fact, he could call the ER before you arrive to ensure that they are ready to receive you. This way, you may not have to wait for long in the ER. In fact, if you have a GP, always make sure to call him when you feel things are not going well.

Use Google Search

When you search for an ER close to you, Google will list about five emergency rooms at the top of search results. They will even include the contact information. Pick two or three of them and call them. Describe your problem to them and they will be able to tell whether they can handle your situation or not.

Use the phone directory

Sometimes, your internet service may be down due to bad weather. If that is the case, you need to ensure that you have a physical phone directory. Check if there are ERs close to you and just drive to them using the listed address. In almost all ERs, there is no closing time. Unless due to extraordinary measures, an ER will always be open 24/7. Thus, if you drive to an ER, you are assured of finding it open.

Talk to your neighbor

If you are new in an area, you may not really tell which ER is the best to visit. However, if you give your neighbors a call or visit them, they could direct you to the right ER. If they know of an ER where they have had a positive experience, you can be sure that is where they will direct you.

While nobody ever wants to have a severe fever that they need the ER, ensure that you use the above tips. They could help to ensure that your condition does not get any worse.