How to Find an Emergency Room for Kids

How to Find an Emergency Room for Kids

Accidents, attacks, ailments, and injuries do not have timings and can occur at any given time. Emergency rooms are the most appropriate medical centers to rush cases that require acute and immediate medical attention regardless of the time, day or even severity of the condition. Some cases may not be too serious and can easily be handled at the urgent care or from your medical primary giver.

How Do You Know That The Emergency Room Is The Right Place For Your Kid?

If your child is having trouble breathing and the skin starts to turn pale.
If your child has been involved in an accident and is unconscious or severely injured.
If your child does not respond to a first aid and remains unconscious.
If the child is having a seizure that prolongs to more than 3 minutes.
If the child has a deep cut with uncontrolled bleeding.
If your child has been poisoned and isn’t responding to the first aid.

All these conditions signal the need for immediate emergency room attention. It may be advisable that you call 911 to get an ambulance instead of taking your child to the emergency room yourself since you may be in a panic mode.

Dial 911

If your child is suffering from a life-threatening condition like those mentioned above, you should always rush to the nearest emergency room or 911 for an ambulance aid. Also, let the respondent of the 911 call know that the victim or patient is a child. This helps them locate the nearest emergency room with a pediatrician. If you take your child to an emergency room with no pediatric experts, your child may need to be transferred to another emergency room depending on how acute the condition may be.

Talk To Your Pediatrician

If your child’s condition isn’t severe, you could talk to your pediatrician and let them refer you to an emergency room with a pediatric wing. Your child is probably tensed and would cause more panic if you rushed them to normal emergency rooms with badly severed patients coming in from all directions. On the contrary, pediatric emergency rooms have an atmosphere geared to excite children and help them relax. Child life specialists at the pediatric wings aid kids to ease their anxiety levels prior to, during, and after the medical procedures.

Ask Your Primary Health Provider

Doctors are interconnected whether in general medicine, surgery or medical emergency. Your primary healthcare provider would be willing to recommend you a good emergency room after examining your child. Despite a parent’s need to take their child to an emergency room, it may be medically unnecessary.

Ask Friends And Family

Your friends and family have probably been in a similar situation that required the need to visit an emergency room. People who generally care about you and your family’s well-being will be in a position to help you get immediate help. Your family and friends could even have great relationships with some emergency rooms that will ease the process at the emergency room.

Ask In Support Groups

Most parents, out of their love for their kids will join both online and offline support groups to help cope with raising their kids. These groups are supportive in terms of information that could be a hassle to find on the internet. Some of these parents in the support groups have probably been through what you are going through with your child hence helpful. If you are indecisive about heading to the emergency room or don’t know which emergency room to go to, enquire from the members of the support group. You might be surprised at how helpful the support groups can be.

The Internet

Over the recent years, the internet has been a very helpful tool with many businesses and institutions advertising themselves via the internet. You can easily track an emergency room near you by easily searching on the internet. You will probably find a few results near you. Secondly is to view their websites critically while checking and analyzing their reviews in order to pick the best. Good reviews will guide you to have a clear picture of what kind of experience your child will expect at the emergency room. Take a look at Bellaire ER where clients come first and medical services are passed as top notch.

Once you have chosen the emergency room of your choice, be sure to ask them if they are a 24/7 operating emergency room. You wouldn’t want to show up when the seizures or bleeding gets uncontrollable and the doors are locked.

Also, inquire if they have pediatricians on board so that you are assured of excellent and specialized medical services on your child. Look for an emergency room that is well equipped with state of the art equipment to prevent unnecessary transfers to other emergency rooms. Your child’s health should be your top priority; visit Bellaire for the best emergency room services.