How to Find an Urgent Care with CT Scan

How to Find an Urgent Care with CT Scan

Urgent care centers have become quite popular in recent years. The main reason they are most preferred to emergency rooms such as is that they are quite fast. If you have a non-emergency procedure like a CT scan, it would be better to visit an urgent care facility. However, not all of them have equipment such as CT scan. Here are a few tips to find a critical care facility with a CT scan.

Call the Urgent Care Center

There may be numerous urgent care centers in your area, especially if you live in a densely populated area. The best way to find one with a CT scan is to call. Ask them if they have a CT scan. It is the easiest way to find out if they have the equipment, you require.

Visit the Urgent Care Center’s Website

Most urgent care centers will have a modern, well-maintained website with a lot of information. They will usually contain a list of the services that they offer. Check the website and see if they have a CT scan.

Ask Your Friends

You will most likely know of people in your neighborhood or family who have had to visit an urgent care center. Give them a call and inquire if the facility they visited had a CT scan. Besides that, they will give you information on how much it may cost you to get the procedure done.

Additionally, they will inform you of the quality of service. For instance, you should ask how long one had to wait to see a doctor. With this information, you will be able to determine whether you should visit the facility or not.

Use the internet

Use the internet to find an excellent urgent care center in case you are not sure. Do a simple search using a web browser to find one that works great for you. In the search results, the centers will come with a star rating.

Choose the facility that has the highest rating. If there is more than one, look into the reviews. It will give you an idea of what you can expect. It is especially important to read the negative reviews. It will help you to decide if the cons outweigh the cons of visiting such a facility.

Check the location of the facility

The location should be an essential factor when choosing an urgent care center. The reason for this is fuel costs. You want to keep the costs of visiting the center as low as possible. Sometimes you may have to visit the center more than once, which could significantly raise the fuel costs that you incur.

Check whether you need a CT Scan Performed

A CT Scan is usually performed to check for internal injury or internal bleeding, among other reasons. Before you decide that you may require a CT scan, talk to your GP. He or she will tell whether you need a CT scan or not. If necessary, it may help to make a quick diagnosis, which may save your life.

Look for a center with modern Ct Scan technology

CT scan technology has come a long way since its invention. Today, there are CT scans that can do the procedure in minutes. Besides that, they can give you exquisite detail, revealing even the tiny blood vessels in the brain. With the new CT scan, any anomaly can be detected in good time, and you can get the right diagnosis. Besides that, current CT scans use less radiation that some older models. Thus, you are not exposed to unreasonably high amounts of radiation. It can help to avoid complications later in life that arises from exposure to too much radiation.

Ask your doctor

Most urgent care centers operate well after regular working hours. You should call your doctor and ask him or her to recommend you to a good critical care facility. He will most likely know of a few centers that use the latest CT scan technology. That way, you do not have to make multiple visits to urgent care centers before you find the right one.

Use social media

There are numerous social media platforms in existence today dedicated to medical issues. Sign up to one of them and inquire about the best urgent care center you should visit. You will get numerous replies, and you can proceed to use one of them to find the right center for your needs. It is one of the easiest ways to find an excellent urgent care center.

Check the working hours

While it is true some of the urgent care centers work late into the night, not all of them do. Besides that, some of these centers are usually closed on weekends and public holidays. Find one that operates during the hours when you require their services.