How to Find an Urgent Care with MRI

How to Find an Urgent Care with MRI

Urgent care centers have experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. They offer quality services at affordable prices. While anyone with a severe injury should still visit an emergency room such as, most other cases such as lacerations can be taken care of at an urgent care facility. If you think you may need to use an MRI machine to treat your condition, here are a few tips for finding one with MRI equipment.

Check their website

If an urgent care center has MRI facilities, it will no doubt have it listed on its website. Go to the site and find the tab where they list their services. Not only will they tell you whether they offer MRI services, but they will also tell you about the equipment.

MRI machines have evolved a lot in recent years. Modern machines can do the work in just minutes and use less magnetism. It will keep you safe as well as save on time. Being exposed to too much magnetism is not safe for anyone.

Besides that, modern machines can give detailed looks into the internal organs. That way, a better diagnosis can be made about your condition. Thus, you will get the medical attention you need before the condition escalates.

Call the Urgent care center

Sometimes, the urgent care center may have just acquired the MRI equipment, and they may not have had an opportunity to list it on their site. In such an instance, a phone call can help you to know if they offer MRI services.

Take time and ask about the equipment they have. You want to be sure that the center has the latest technology installed at the facility. Most urgent care facilities are still quite young, and they use the newest equipment. However, you want to be sure this is so for the facility you visit.

Besides that, MRI equipment often requires some maintenance. It may happen that their equipment is currently undergoing some upgrades. As such, it may not be available for use on the day that you require it. A phone call can help to ensure that you avoid making an unnecessary trip to the urgent care facility.

Ask your friends

If you have friends who have been to an urgent care center recently, you can give them a call. During the call, ask them if the facility has MRI services. Besides that, you want to ask them about insurance coverage. It will help to keep costs down by reducing the out of pocket payments. Besides that, you want to be sure that any out of pocket payments you have to make are low. Most urgent care centers charge lower than ERs, but you still want to find the one with the lowest rate.

After getting feedback from a few of your friends, you can now decide which one to visit. As part of the feedback, ensure they tell you about the general quality of service they got. For instance, ask them how long it took to get the scan performed. You want to find a facility that takes the least amount of time.

Check into operational hours

The urgent care facility needs to be operating when you visit it. Thus, it is crucial for you to find out about their operational hours. For instance, some urgent cares do not run on public holidays or the weekends.

Besides that, you may find that MRI scans are only performed in specific instances. For example, some facilities may only perform MRI scans once a week and just at certain hours. If you require an MRI scan at midnight, you need to be sure there will be a technician present to perform the scan.

Read reviews about the center

If you perform an online search of the facility, you will find numerous reviews about it. Read the reviews and weigh the pros and cons of visiting the facility. You can also read some of the reviews questions about what they did not like about the facility. It will help you understand why it has so many positive or negative reviews.

For instance, maybe they charge too much, or it takes too long for you to see the doctor. If these are issues, which are of no concern to you, you can proceed to visit the facility and get the MRI scan performed.

Check the location

Another issue of concern when finding an urgent care center should be the location. If the facility is too far away, it will not matter how little they charge since you will have to incur a considerable fuel cost. Besides that, you will have spent a lot of time on the road. It may make it hard for you to get your place of work in good time. Always check the location before deciding on which urgent care center to visit.