How to Stay Young by Avoiding the One Thing Everyone Does

We all are scared of getting old, aren’t we? I mean who isn’t scared of the life limiting conditions associating with old age? The inability to remain active and have fun are just among the many things that make us wish that there was a fountain of youth to help rejuvenate us every time we felt old. Unfortunately though, ageing is inevitable and is beyond our control. It will happen whether you like it or not. The respite we have however, is that we can control the way we age, our strength levels during our old age and the general state of our bodies when we get old. Yes, we can achieve this by avoiding alcohol, smoking, having good diets, maintaining good emotional health and of course by staying happy. One unconventional and pretty weird thing that we have all been doing that is speeding up our ageing is SITTING DOWN! Sounds absurd, right? Yes! Sitting down speeds up your ageing and you should reduce the number of hours you sit down. Here is why;

Avoid sitting down and stay young for longer

We all know the ramifications of sitting down for too long and remaining inactive. We know how inactivity and long hours of sitting down increases the likelihood of becoming obese, bringing heart complications and diabetes. Well, turns out, sitting down for too long can affect the cells and the body’s aging process according to a recent study! The study by the American Journal of Epidemiology discovered that people who sit down for too long have shorter telomeres than those of people who were more active and spent little time sitting down. In case you were wondering, telomeres are the stretches of DNA at the end of chromosomes and form the cap that protect the chromosomes from sticking to the neighboring chromosomes. As the cells divide with time, the telomeres get shorter and at some point when they become too short, the cell can no longer divide meaning that the cell is inactive and will soon die. This shortening of the telomeres has been hugely attributed to lack of enough activity and long hours of sitting down.

Relationship between exercising and the length of telomeres

The findings from the study pointed out that people who regularly exercise and don’t spend a lot of their time seated, have relatively longer telomeres. This means that remaining active counteracts the shortening of telomeres which in the long run reduces the aging process. This means that if you remain active and stretch every day for at-least half an hour, you will be slowing down the shortening process of the telomere and eventually slowing down your aging process.

Get up from that seat and be active!

Well, now that we all want to remain youthful and healthy for longer and we have the new secret of remaining young and youthful, why not remain active? Just half an hour of physical activity is seemingly enough to help slow down the aging process and render us healthy at the same time.

It is therefore imperative to try and set aside some few minutes of your time in the day to go out and jog in the evening or go to the gym. With this sedentary life we are leading nowadays, I know it can be difficult to set some time aside and practice but now you have every reason to- you will be slowing down your aging process. All you need therefore is to commit a small window in your busy day to engage in some form of physical activity and then make it habitual.

Combine this with the conventional ways of keeping fit

For even greater results, combine this trick with the other conventional means of keeping fit and remaining healthy. Avoid any form of drug at all costs. From beer, marijuana to smoking cigarettes, you will need to desist from all forms of drugs to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.

Watch your diet as well. Don’t just eat anything because you are hungry. The reason why our parents and grandparents lived longer and remained very strong in their old age is because their diets was mainly made up of natural organic foods and very little of junk food. We should try and emulate our grandparents as well by eating as little junk food as possible. Convert that love for junk food into love for veggies and fruits and you will realize that your health will improve drastically.

All in all, you don’t have to try too much to remain healthy and fit. You don’t have to engage in very rigorous physical activity to slow down the aging process. You don’t need to fast either or avoid sitting down completely. Just squeeze in some minutes to work out and eat healthy foods. Avoid drugs at all costs and you will live to interact with your grandchildren. And that is the secret of how to stay young by avoiding the one thing everyone does!